Missing Emilia Barger Found 200 Miles Away From Home!

A teen from Indiana who had been missing since early Monday and was thought to be in “grave danger” has been located safe, and the man she was with has been detained, according to official authorities. Officials also reported that 14-year-old Emily Barger was discovered late on Wednesday in Attica, Indiana, more than three hours north of her home that is located in Georgetown.

Emily Barger Gone Missing and Found-

The girl was discovered after police got a tip that she was sleeping in a shed outside a property in Attica, according to news that had been released by the police department.

On social media, Emily’s father, Shawn Barger, had previously stated that he thought his daughter was dating a teenage boy. On Wednesday, he posted on Facebook that the man had been got by the police. Barger was returned to the police station, where she met her father Shawn Barger once more.

Terry Ross, an 18-year-old boy, who was dating Emily was arrested by police while out and about in Attica. Terry has been accused of assisting a kid in becoming a lawbreaker.

Missing Indiana 14-year-old Emily Barger is found in SHED 200 miles from home: Cops arrest 18-year-old she left home with | Flipboard

Officers on foot down Council Street came across Ross, and he was swiftly put into custody. He was initially accused of encouraging a youngster under the age of 16 to become lawbreaker.

The Attica inquiry is still under review, according to the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, and the police force will continue to consult with neighborhood allies about potential charges.

What Emily’s Father Said?

Shawn Berger reported his daughter missing, and according to authorities, she was last seen there around 1 a.m. on Monday as stated by a previous statement made to The Post by Jeff Firkins, who is Floyd County, Chief Deputy.

Earlier this week, Barger posted on Facebook that he had found his daughter’s bed empty, her window broken, and her cell phone left behind on Monday morning.
Emily’s father wrote on Facebook about his daughter’s abduction and pleaded with anyone with information to get in touch.

Indiana teen Emily Barger found safe 200 miles from home, 18-year-old man arrested

Emily’s father, Shawn begged his daughter to get in touch. “You have so many family members as well as friends looking for you who are trying to get you home.” It added, “Please go to a gas station anywhere and tell them you need to go home, phone the police or me or anyone just please get home I love you”, stated Shawn through his official Facebook account.

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