What Happened To Dana Hyde? Former White House Official, Dana Hyde Passed Away At Age 55

Dana Hyde, a resident of Cabin John, was identified as the lady who perished in a plane that experienced severe turbulence while passing over New England. The incident on the flight from Keene, New Hampshire to Leesburg, Virginia is still being looked into by the FBI and National Transportation Safety Board.

Dana Hyde
Dana Hyde; image credit – Sportskeeda

Severe Turbulence Caused Death Of Dana Hyde

Dana Hyde and four other people were in the Conexon business aircraft, according to a database maintained by the Federal Aviation Administration. Severe turbulence caused the aircraft, which was carrying two crew members as well as Hyde’s husband and son, to be diverted to Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport. Shortly after landing at Hartford’s Saint Francis Medical Center, Hyde was declared dead. Jonathan, her husband, and their baby were unharmed.

Investigation Of Dana Hyde’s Death

The Chief Medical Examiner for the Connecticut Office currently has the bones of the 55-year-old. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has acknowledged that it has questioned passengers and staff to ascertain whether or not they were wearing seat belts when the aircraft encountered turbulence. The NTSB’s main office has also received the cockpit audio and data recorders for analysis. At the Aspen Institute, a think firm with offices in Washington, DC, Dana Hyde had a part-time consultant job.

Dana Hyde’s Professional Life

The University of California alumnus was also the Aspen Partnership for an Inclusive Economy’s co-chair. During Bill Clinton’s administration, Dana Hyde also served as a special assistant in the White House. While Barack Obama was president, she also worked at the State Department as a top advisor. Additionally, she was appointed as the White House Office of Management and Budget’s assistant director. Obama, a previous president, also picked Hyde to be the CEO of the Millennium Challenge Corporation. Turbulence-related fatalities are comparatively infrequent.

The Federal Aviation Administrator has previously advised pilots to exercise caution when using the Bombardier variant, though. Given that she “fell in love with the nation as a whole, the culture, and the people” while working there, Jonathan disclosed that his wife will be buried in Israel.

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