Maddy Pomilla—who? Survivor 44 candidate with Jeff Probst-related social media accounts

The debut of Survivor: Pearl Islands, featuring Maddy Pomilla as a contestant, will air on CBS on March 1, 2023, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

The first two hours of the debut will introduce viewers to Maddy and the rest of the castaways. It’ll also be the start of the cast’s once-in-a-lifetime journey to the Fiji Islands, where they’ll have to work together to overcome obstacles and make memories to last a lifetime. Ex-Survivor contestant Maddy is 28 years old. The native of Brooklyn uses social media accounts centred around presenter Jeff Probst’s name. Her Twitter ID is @jeffcanyouhearme, and her Instagram and TikTok handles are @jeffprobstcanyouhearme. She has already shown to be a valuable addition to the series with her ingenious strategy for attracting the presenter’s attention and making her first appearance.

Official plot summary for the Jeff Probst show Survivor:

18 hardy new castaways, separated into three tribes of six, will have to build a new civilization as they adjust to their new physical and social environment on the magnificent islands of Fiji.

Contestant from Season 44 of Survivor Maddy Pomilla is taking a “one step back” strategy.
Maddy, a cast member on season 44 of Survivor, said in her introduction video that she had abandoned her jobs as a Charity Programs Manager and executive assistant to the CEO in order to compete in the show.

The 28-year-old competitor currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, but grew up in southern Maryland. She is the second-to-youngest of five sisters, which, in her mind, makes her the natural leader.

Who is Maddy Pomilla? Meet Survivor 44 contestant with interesting social media handles involving Jeff Probst
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In addition, Maddy boasts that she would “pull the trigger” and “truly lay it all out there” if necessary in the opening video. A further comment from the Survivor contestant:

“That’s the way I play life,” I realised, “and that’s the way I picture me playing.”
She elaborated that she intends to appear unthreatening at first and play her strategy of being on the back burner, but that when the tribes combine, she intends to emerge as the dominant player.

Maddy continued:

“I’m getting weary of seeing the women play defence. “Wow, she has such a terrific social game,” they always gush. Then I chimed in, “We have a fantastic social game in real life.” Don’t act like I’m just watching from the bench. If I can help it, I want to be right in the thick of things, calling the shots and seeing if I can make it work.”

Maddy said in a Parade interview that being on the show was at the top of her bucket list, and that her need to be “adventure addicted” and “very competitive” drove her to always be looking for new challenges. She also said that she has been a fan of the programme for over twenty years, which has opened up opportunities for her.

She said that Cirie Fields and Parvati Shallow (the winner of Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites) were the two past castaways she most related to. She mentioned Survivor 42’s Omar Zaheer and Survivor 21’s Malcolm Freberg in her CBS interview (Survivor: Philippines).

She is the middle child of five sisters, and as such, she possesses the usual middle-child abilities of problem-solving, sociality, and independence. In an interview with Parade, Maddy mentioned that she developed a can-do attitude at a young age because her siblings constantly challenged her to improve. They were “a witch coven of powerful, crazy, wild, brilliant, opinionated, go-getter gals,” she said.

Maddy, a member of the Ratu people, hopes her alliance partner shares her values and sense of humour. The castaway admitted to CBS that in her leisure time she enjoys surfing, skating, and playing with her sisters. She also claimed that at the age of 22, she had completed a journey to Everest base camp and finished third in an ultramarathon.

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