Who Was Mabel Sotto Sick? How did she die?

Mabel, a Filipino floral designer, is establishing a name for herself after presenting an arrangement inspired by the Aurora Borealis at the 23rd International Flower Council Conference in Ottawa.

Her mother, Mabel, joked that her daughter, Mara, “waited 15 years and eight months” to be a bridesmaid at her and her partner, Maru’s, wedding. The couple had been together for 16 years (after his marriage to Ali ended in divorce).

Mabel and Maru were so comfortable with their relationship (like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel, who had been together for decades without the luxury of marriage) that they never made concrete preparations to tie the knot after Maru and Ali’s marriage was annulled in 1992.

Except for the day she was dropping off her kid at a party and something happened. Mabel understood that she may not have the moral authority to advise her daughter on matters of safety and the like since, although marriage was highly valued in her faith and culture, she was not married and hence lacked the status to give her daughter sound advice.

When Mabel Sotto died, did she suffer from illness?

The reason for Mabel Sotto’s death is still unknown. On February 21, 2023, news broke that the actor’s ex-wife had passed away.

Mabel, the former wife of Maru. Recently, Mabel, a floral designer from the Philippines, gained international attention for the Aurora Borealis-inspired bouquet she created at the 23rd World Flower Council Conference in Ottawa.

Because they had been together for so long, Mabel’s daughter Mara is mocked for having “waited 15 years and eight months” to be a bridesmaid at her parents’ wedding.

Mabel Sotto Death Cause - Was She Sick? Age And Husband
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Mabel and Maru were so satisfied in their relationship that they never actually made any wedding preparations following the 1992 ruling that declared their marriage to Ali null and invalid (much like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, who have been together for decades without the privilege of marriage).

How Old Was Mabel Sotto When She Passed Away?

Although Mabel Sotto’s death has been widely reported, her exact age remains unknown due to the extreme secrecy surrounding the event.

Images of her on the internet suggest she was probably in her mid-60s. Marriage has brought happiness to Mara Sotto and Jeric Fortuna. On Thursday, the pair tied the knot in an elegant church ceremony. Mara is the sister of “Bossing” Vic Sotto’s brother Maru, and Jeric Fortuna was the point guard for the UST Growling Tigers.

From the looks of the photos Vic’s wife Pauleen Luna uploaded to Instagram, several Sotto family members could make there.

The Sotto family, including Vic, his kids, Oyo Boy, and Danica (accompanied by her husband Marc Pingris) were also there. Senate President Tito Sotto III’s spouse Helen Gamboa and their daughter Ciara Sotto were also in attendance.

With the success of Samson & Goliath, Maru Sotto gained widespread recognition (1990). He was married to the TV personality, singer, and broadcaster Ali Sotto for seven years.

Their children are the IT specialist Chino Sotto of the United States and the matinee idol and teen icon Marcelino Antonio “Miko” Carag Sotto III (1982–2003).

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