Why did Rachel and Dave Hollis divorce?

On Saturday, February 11th, at the age of 47, former Disney executive Dave Hollis apparently passed away. In a public statement, his loved ones revealed the tragic news of his passing.

Sadly, Variety reports that Hollis passed away at his Austin, TX, residence. The family has said that Hollis was recently hospitalised for heart difficulties, but no official cause of death has been given as of this writing.

Rachel Hollis, a writer and motivational speaker who was formerly married to Dave Hollis, also posted the news of his death on Instagram. She shared a snapshot of a black square with white text that said, “His family is distraught at the loss.”

Rachel said that she is at a loss for words and her heart is “too crushed” to express how she feels. While the family “navigates through the unspeakable,” she pleaded for people to remember the youngsters in their prayers.”

Disney Distribution Chief Dave Hollis Leaving to Run Wife Rachel Hollis' Company – The Hollywood Reporter
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Former Disney distribution executive Dave Hollis left the company to support his wife, a burgeoning self-help author and influencer.

After marrying in 2004 and being together for 16 years, the pair decided to divorce in 2020. Rachel Hollis posted a lengthy Instagram update in which she said that after “working relentlessly” for three years to salvage her marriage, she and her husband had finally come to the conclusion that a divorce would be “healthier and more respectful” to their shared experience as a married couple.

Dave Hollis commented on the split in an Instagram post that has now been removed, about a month after the news broke.

Two days after he and Rachel celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary, he said, Rachel filed for divorce. She informed him that he would “only become the man and she the woman [they] were both genuinely intended to be… apart,” and he recorded this in his writing.”

Additionally, he stated that after reading his wife’s essay about their memories, he felt “ashamed for a picture of a future that wasn’t shared.”

In addition to their four children, Dave and Rachel Hollis are also parents. The latter earlier affirmed in her article that the two will continue co-parenting their children.

An in-depth analysis of Rachel and Dave Hollis’s relationship

According to Netline, Rachel and Dave Hollis met when she relocated to Los Angeles. After dating for two years, they tied the knot in 2004.

Rachel became famous after a Facebook post she made about postpartum stretch marks went viral while Hollis was working as Disney’s head of worldwide theatrical distribution. Rachel, inspired by her success online, wrote a self-help book with the catchy title Girl, Wash Your Face in 2018.

The book was featured on both Good Morning America and The Today Show during its 85 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. The next year, Dave Hollis left his position at Disney and moved to Austin with his wife.

It wasn’t long before the newlyweds set out to build a corporate empire around their union by launching The Hollis Company. Together, they launched a podcast called Rise Together and started performing daily livestreams for their ever-expanding fanbase.

The podcast featured frequent discussions between the couple on their fulfilling marriage and other relationships. The Hollises’ online persona as a model family only boosted their reputation as a couple.

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