Who is Mandana Bolourchi’s Timberwolves Boyfriend?

The high-profile client list of The Agency explains why Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ contains so many famous actors and actresses. After all, the stars of this programme are a team of realtors in Beverly Hills, California who work for The Agency and have helped several celebrities buy and sell homes over the years. Mandana Bolourchi was one of Melissa Platt’s first clients, and she was introduced in Season 1.

Mandana opens out about her past and present to the current agents and the viewers of the Netflix series. This has, unsurprisingly, piqued the interest of many series viewers in learning more about her off-screen life, and we want to satisfy that need.

Background on Mandana Bolourchi

Marana Bolourchi was born in Iran on March 30th, 1994, and she split her formative years between Tehran, Dubai, and Los Angeles. Mandana grew up as a member of a powerful family, which took the little girl to many countries and cultures. As a result, she developed a deeper appreciation for the uniqueness that comes from each person’s background as she became older. Her natural musical talent also led her to become a concert pianist by the time she was 11 years old.

But Mandana’s true love has always been the creative process. She always had a keen eye for design and architecture, as seen by her early practise of drawing doll clothes, houses, and landscapes. So, it was only after significant travel that she decided to pursue a profession as an interior designer. She made it a habit to bring home a colourful memento from each new destination. These items would not only bring back fond memories, but also add to the aesthetic appeal of her home.

Next, once Mandana had made a reputation for herself online, she began posting updates about her daily life and her expertise in design and fashion for her fans to enjoy. It seems that cultural pressures made this difficult for her at first; as it is expected that women in the Middle East should not be in the spotlight, many people, including her own father, were opposed to her and her job. The influential businesswoman in the Middle East felt marginalised by male counterparts despite the success of her real estate ventures.

Who is Patrick Beverley's girlfriend Mandana Bolourchi and how long have they been dating?
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About: Mandana Bolourchi’s Boyfriend

At the time of this writing, Mandana Bolourchi is dating NBA star Patrick Beverley. Patrick began playing in 2006, while he was a college student and a member of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Mandana revealed that her boyfriend is a Minnesota Timberwolves player during her stay on the show. However, the player has subsequently been moved twice and can now be seen on the Los Angeles Lakers’ active roster. As of this writing, Patrick is said to be the father of four children, the eldest of whom is a teenager and the youngest of whom will be four in February 2022.

As a couple, Mandana and Patrick evidently take pleasure in not just spending time with one another but also exploring new places and activities. They may have kept their relationship specifics hidden, but they make no secret of the fact that they are still together on social media. As of April 2022, they have been together for a whole year. Given Mandana’s time on ‘Buying Beverly Hills,’ it’s safe to assume that she and Patrick are either preparing to move in together or have already done so, indicating that they intend to spend the rest of their lives together.

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