Damar Hamlin Gets Criticized By Adrian Peterson For “Disrespectful” Super Bowl Attire

Bills security Adrian Peterson was not pleased with Damar Hamlin on Monday since he chose to participate in Super Bowl LVII wearing a contentious jacket.

What Happened To Damar Hamlin?

As the NFL and the rest of the sports world continue to praise Hamlin for his inspirational comeback after suffering a heart attack against the Bengals on January 2, he was recognised on the field during the game on Sunday. Throughout the celebrations, Hamlin was spotted wearing a jacket with the word “Eternal” and a design of a crucifix on the back and a picture of an edited version of Jesus’ face on the front.

Devout Christian Peterson objected to Hamlin’s jacket, and the great running back voiced his displeasure in a harsh Instagram post criticising the 24-year-old for his wardrobe.

In a caption that has since been changed, Peterson wrote, “You should be thanking God son!” There is blasphemy here! We are all imperfect, but come on, guy! This offends my sensibilities.

One of many pictures of Hamlin wearing the jacket, which was produced by the artist Takashi Murakami and reportedly cost $3,150, in a photo with LeBron James that went viral, sparked discussion on social media. Hamlin has shared his faith on numerous occasions throughout his recuperation in the weeks following his medical emergency, including in a moving address at the NFL awards on February 9.

He Later Apologized

Damar Hamlin
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Later, Peterson updated his Instagram post with information about the development and included a note about a chat he had with Hamlin earlier in the day. Peterson stated he merely intended to give his perspective and not criticise Hamlin before noting that they were able to “exchange our opinions as guys” and that they had resolved their differences.

He wrote, “Damar, I have love and respect for you and I wish you nothing but the best, but I just can’t rock with that jacket.” “I think a lot of people, both young and old, look up to you, and huge responsibility goes along with strength and influence. I’m sorry if I offended you; at the time, that was just how I felt.

Halin still hasn’t released a statement on Peterson’s comments or his jacket as of Monday night.


1. Who is Damar Hamlin?

A. He is a Basketball player

2. What is his profession?

A. Basketball player

3. How old is Damar Hamlin?

A. 24 years old

4. What happened to Damar Hamlin?

A. He was criticized for his clothing

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