Katie McCoy, LisaRaye Mccoy’s Mother, Passed Away

On February 11, 2023, LisaRaye McCoy, also known as LisaRaye’s mother Katie McCoy, passed away. Even though LisaRaye and her mother have previously argued, this does not imply that their relationship has always been amicable. After losing her mother, Katie, LisaRaye was truly left with nothing but misery.

Katie McCoy
Katie McCoy; image credit – MEAWW

Katie McCoy’s Cause Of Death

The cause of Katie’s passing was unknown. The actress told her followers of her mother Katie McCoy’s loss while posting a picture of her on Instagram. Lisa posted a poignant tribute to her mother on Instagram. But she remained mum about Katie’s cause of death. Many of her followers send her sympathy messages.

Katie McCoy’s Personal Life

A retired professional model from Chicago, Illinois, Katie McCoy. Both people of African American and Native American origin looked up to her. A Chicago businessman named David Ray McCoy and Katie were married. A well-known American actress, model, fashion designer, and businesswoman, Lisa Raye, was her daughter. David, Lisa’s father, was a multimillionaire who had established his enigmatic empire. In 1988, David McCoy passed away. LisaRaye discovered her father’s death later on.

Tribute To Katie McCoy

Following Katie McCoy’s death, which was announced by LisaRaye Mccoy, online users began expressing their condolences on various social media sites. Popular Facebook group Fashion4Life made a post on their page expressing their condolences for the passing of LisaRaye Mccoy’s mother, Katie McCoy. We are sending Lisa Raye and her family our thoughts and prayers, the post says. Katie Mccoy, her mother, passed away. We send LisaRaye Mccoy our sincere condolences on the demise of her mother, Katie McCoy. Along with LisaRaye, her family members also suffered a great loss with her passing, and we pray to God to give them all the courage to get through this trying time. May Katie McCoy’s soul find peace on the heavenly wings.


1. Who is the husband of Katie McCoy?

Ans. David Ray McCoy

2. Who is the daughter of Katie McCoy?

Ans. LisaRaye Mccoy

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