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American Choreographer Stephanie Longo is Married to Choreographer Stephanie Longo, Who Is Her Husband. She is the one who first established Talent Agency. Because Stephanie was working when her husband Cody Longo passed away, she was unable to contact him before he passed away. Stephanie contacted the police, and when they arrived at their home, they discovered that Stephanie’s husband had passed away and then called Stephanie.

The Partner of Stephanie Longo

The Spouse of Stephanie Longo, Mr. Actor Cody Longo, who went tragically at the age of 34, was a native of the United States. His Cause of Death Is Currently Under Investigation. Some online sources suggest that he had an addiction to alcohol.

Cody Longo gained widespread recognition for his performances on the television shows “Days of Our Lives” and “Hollywood Height.”

Cody Managed According to Alex Gittelson, who works for CNN, Cody’s body was discovered on February 8th, 2023 at his home in Texas.

In October of 2015, Stephanie Longo tied the knot with Cody Longo.

Stephanie Longo Husband Wiki, Age & Bio

Cody Longo, who is Stephanie Longo’s spouse, was born on March 4, 1988, which makes him 34 years old as of this writing. He was a Pisces, which is a sign of the Zodiac. Littleton, Colorado, in the United States was the location of his birth.

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Cody attended college in Los Angeles, where he majored in both psychology and theatre.

Stephanie Longo Kids

The three members of Stephanie and Cody’s family consist of two sons and a daughter. Their names are Lyla Lou Alia and Elijah Christiano. They are a married couple. Lyla, his daughter, is a talented mini-dancer.

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