When Will Episode 5 Of “The Last of Us” Arrive On HBO Max?

We received this week’s episode of the Last of us post-apocalyptic PlayStation video game adaptation by HBO a little early rather than on its usual Sunday release date.

The first four episodes of The Last of Us are now accessible on HBO Max, where Joel and Ellie’s dark journey is being shown. Episode 4 was released on Sunday, and episode 5 was released this Friday, Feb. 10, rather than on Sunday.

The nine-episode first season of the show centres on the first game in the illustrious PlayStation video game series from creator Naughty Dog. It has also been given a second season renewal.

The show premiered on January 15 and received 10 million viewers in its first two days. There were subsequent episodes released every week until March 12.

Release Schedules And Dates For The Last Of Us

Here is The Last of Us’s HBO Max release schedule in its entirety. If the business announces any changes or breaks, we’ll update this. You might recall that House of the Dragon previously aired at 9 p.m. ET (6 p.m. PT), which is the time at which new episodes will start airing this year.

Where Can You See The Last Of Us Outside Of The US?

The following are the times for various locations since the show is released simultaneously worldwide: Crave, Canada, 9 p.m. Sunday. Sky Atlantic and Now at 2 am on Monday for the UK and Ireland

What Is The Last of Us?

The Last of Us
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The games follow gruff smuggler Joel and his cheery teen friend Ellie as they travel across a devastated US in a world where an unsettlingly plausible fungal brain sickness turns the majority of the population into savage cannibals.

Who Is There?

Joel, played by Game of Thrones alumnus Pedro Pascal of The Mandalorian, and Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, are the two main characters in the show. Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation, Anna Torv from Fringe, and Melanie Lynskey from Yellowjackets all attend.

Are There Trailers?

We got a taste of the show on hbo. Prior to each new episode, the company releases an episode preview. The most recent trailer was released in December.

How Terrifying Is It?

It has several intense moments and is more of a thriller than a horror film. Although the infected don’t appear frequently—Joel and Ellie encounter more human survivors than monsters—they are very effective when they do.


1. When The Last of Us will release?

A. On February 10

2. Where can you watch it?

A. HBO Max

3. Is The Last of Us scary?

A. Yes

4. Is The Last of Us trailer is out?

A. Yes, in December

5. Is The Last of Us will release out of US?

A. Yes

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