Anna Paulina, A Republican representative, Was Originally A Registered Democrat

Anna Paulina Luna, a congresswoman, criticised a Post article that described her “sharp tilt to the right.” Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., was the subject of a piece in The Washington Post on Friday that mistakenly claimed she had previously been a Democrat.

She Is Misidentified As Democrat

“According to an inaccurate voter registration database, Anna Paulina Luna was misidentified as a Democrat in Washington state in an earlier version of this article. Voters in Washington State are only required to disclose their party identification when voting in a presidential primary “At the beginning of its piece, the Post added a correction.

The Post revised the story and clarified that the allegation was “based on an incorrect voter registration database.” On Twitter, Luna added that the article included statements about her from unnamed family members and friends.

The publication released a biography of the rookie congressman on Friday that went into detail about her political and personal background before she was elected to Congress.

Anna Paulina
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Washington Post Corrected It’s Mistake

Friends said Anna Paulina Luna described herself as alternately Middle Eastern, Jewish, or Eastern European while working at Whiteman Air Force Base in Warrensburg, Missouri, twelve years before she was elected as the first Mexican American woman to represent Florida in Congress, according to the Post.

Some friends and family who knew Luna before her election to the U.S. House this year were surprised by her sudden turn to the right, account of a poor and isolated childhood, and embrace of her Hispanic heritage, the article continued.

The Post used Luna’s old friends and family to refute Paulina’s claims about her upbringing, noting that “her roommate in Missouri had no recollection of the ‘home invasion'” Luna detailed while serving in the Air Force there. “A cousin who grew up with Luna said she was regularly included in family gatherings,” the Post reported.

On Tuesday, January 3, 2023, Rep.-elect Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., is pictured outside a meeting of the House Republican Conference in the U.S. Capitol.


1. Who is Anna Paulina?

A. She is an United States Representative

2. What is her profession?

A. Politician

3. What is Anna Paulina Nationality?


4. How old is Anna Paulina?

A. 33 years old

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