Aris Peter Hampers Died At The Age Of 73

Sad to say, Aris Peter Hampers passed away at the age of 73. His battle with cancer had lasted a very long time.

Who was Aris Peter Hampers?

A notable disc jockey, Aris Peter, has passed away at the age of 73. During the 1970s, he began his professional life as a member of the local band Phlegethon before moving on to stints at radio stations including WLAV, WKLQ, WMAX, and WCUZ-FM.

Many people in West Michigan recall Hampers as an influential character in the early days of rock radio. He was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx and vocal cords in 2018, and he lost most of his ability to speak.

His voice chords were surgically removed in 2019 after a three-year battle with cancer, as was reported by the hammering.

For more than three decades, Aris Peter Hampers was a well-known DJ in West Michigan.

Hampers began his professional life as a member of the popular local band Phlegethon. He eventually transitioned into the radio industry, where he became an influential figure in the careers of many other local artists.

Grand Rapids Radio Personality Aris Hampers has Passed Away

What brought to the death of Aris Peter Hampers?

Hampers had been fighting cancer for three years, but his family is keeping quiet about the details of his illness and death. He wrote on Facebook that he first heard a shift in his voice in 2016, and that it had become steadily worse over the course of the next three years. A one-and-a-half-inch tumour in his windpipe, the result of 55 years of heavy smoking, was discovered after a series of operations and diagnostic procedures.

Since Aris Hampers’s demise, the radio industry in West Michigan has lost an important member. He had been at WLAV for quite some time, and his status as “radio giant inside the metropolitan region of Grand Rapids” was widely acknowledged.

Besides being a radio host, he also spent many years as a band member and as the proprietor of a record store in Grand Rapids, MI, so it’s clear that his love of music goes well beyond the radio mike. He was a radio icon in Grand Rapids, and his passing was filled with widespread sadness from fans and fellow DJs.

What was the career of Aris Peter?

Hampers was devoted to enhancing the listener’s musical experience and is rumoured to have utilised a metronome at the production firm to ensure a smooth transition between melodies.

When listening to music was still central to the whole experience, he owned a disc shop selling movies and music. Hampers’s huge music collection, which he kept in his basement and scrupulously catalogued, became famous. The late Aris Peter Hampers, a West Michigan radio community legend, will be fondly remembered.

He devoted his life to the arts, and his work on the airwaves and his passion to bettering the audience’s musical experience shaped the careers of numerous local bands. Those in the radio industry will mourn Aris Hampers’ demise, as will fans of the local music scene who valued his efforts.

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