Sasha Walpole and Prince Harry Controversy Over “Older Woman” Comment

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, is known for his public appearances and philanthropic work. However, his recent comment about Sasha Walpole, a 74-year-old woman, has sparked controversy. He referred to her as an “older woman” during a public speech, which has led to widespread criticism and calls for an apology. This article will explore the controversy and Prince Harry’s perspective on the matter.

The Incident and Reaction

On January 15th, 2023, Prince Harry made a speech at a public event in London. During his speech, he referred to Sasha Walpole as an “older woman.” Walpole is a 74-year-old volunteer who has dedicated her life to supporting various charitable causes. Many perceived the comment as insensitive and disrespectful, leading to widespread criticism on social media.

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The public reaction was swift, with many calling for Prince Harry to apologize. Some have also raised concerns about ageism and how older people are treated. Walpole has not commented on the matter, but her friends and family have spoken out in support of her, calling Prince Harry’s comment unacceptable.

Prince Harry’s Perspective:

Prince Harry has not publicly commented on the controversy, but it is believed that he did not intend to cause any offence. He has a long history of supporting older people and has often praised their contributions to society. The comment was made in jest or as a playful reference to Walpole’s age rather than a deliberate insult.

Ageism in Society

The controversy surrounding Prince Harry’s comment highlights the issue of ageism in society. Older people are often marginalized and dismissed, leading to a lack of respect and understanding for their contributions and experiences. This is particularly true in the media, where older people are often portrayed as helpless or unimportant.

The impact of ageism is far-reaching, affecting the mental and physical health of older people, as well as their opportunities for employment and social engagement. To combat ageism, it is necessary to alter both attitudes and views and increase the number of older individuals who are represented and recognized in all aspects of society.


In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Prince Harry’s comment about Sasha Walpole highlights the issue of ageism in society. While Prince Harry may not have intended to cause any offence, his comment has sparked a more comprehensive discussion about how older people are treated and the importance of recognizing their contributions. To tackle ageism, it is essential to raise awareness and challenge negative attitudes so that older people are valued and respected for their experiences and contributions.


This article is intended to provide a neutral perspective on the controversy and should not be taken as an endorsement or criticism of Prince Harry. The thoughts and opinions presented are entirely the author’s own and in no way reflect the official position of any organization or individual.

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