Kyair Thomas: Infant Dies after Being Recovered from Alleged Kidnapper

In Columbus, Ohio, a heart-wrenching tragedy has occurred after an infant Kyair Thomas died a month after being recovered by police from an alleged kidnapper. Kyair Thomas and his twin brother were recovered by the police after they were reported to have been taken from their mother’s car by a stranger. Though the cause of Ky’Air’s death was not initially explained by authorities, a family member has reported that there was an accident while the mother was feeding the infants.

According to reports, the mother had left the two infants in her Honda Accord on December 19th while she went out to pick up a DoorDash order from a pizza place. A stranger, Nalah Jackson, 24, allegedly stole the idling car with the two infants still inside. Ky’Air was found the following day outside of the Dayton International Airport while his twin brother was found safe in the car near a Papa John’s pizza parlor in Indianapolis, Indiana, when Jackson was arrested.

The Aftermath

The discovery of the two infants brought great joy to the family and the grandmother, LaFonda Thomas, was overjoyed. However, on Saturday night, the police were called regarding Ky’Air not breathing, and the baby was taken to a hospital in a life-threatening condition. Unfortunately, Ky’Air passed away at 11:44 p.m.

The mother of the two infants is said to be in a state of shock and is reportedly receiving support from her family. Wilma Booker, a family member, reported that the mother was feeding the infants when one of them started choking on the milk. The mother immediately called 911 and tried to perform chest compression and CPR on the baby, but it was too late. Booker spoke out in defense of the mother, stating that she loves her babies and should not be judged.

The Suspect

Nalah Jackson, the alleged kidnapper, has pleaded guilty in her case in Indiana for spitting on a sheriff’s deputy during her arrest. Jackson has a history of criminal behavior, and a grand jury in Franklin, Ohio, recently indicted her for an unrelated case in which she stole a car, crashed it, stole another from a woman who was helping her, and then crashed again after speeding through a red light.

In conclusion, this tragedy serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing our loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Kyair Thomas during this difficult time.

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