Annie Wersching Died: ‘24’ Actress Died At The Age Of 45 After Battle With Cancer

According to her family, Annie Wersching, an actress most known for her work on the TV show “24,” passed away on Sunday from cancer. She was 45.

How Did Annie Wersching Died?

According to Wersching’s husband, actor Stephen Full, “this family now has a cavernous hole in its spirit.” “However, she gave us the equipment to fill it. In the most mundane situation, she found wonder. She could dance without any music.”

She showed us that adventure doesn’t always find you. “Go locate it. It’s all over. And we’ll locate it, he added.

After receiving a cancer diagnosis in 2020 and giving birth to three children with Full, Wersching carried on working, including on the Disney+ series “Star Trek: Picard,” while receiving treatment.

She Is Too Private

Annie Wersching
Source: Metro

Wersching was described as a private person who didn’t want to share her diagnosis in a GoFundMe set up to help her sons, who are aged 4, 9, and 12. The specific form of cancer the St. Louis native has is unknown.

Jon Cassar, the “24” show’s producer and director, said to Deadline that his “heart is crushed in more parts than I can count.”

Wersching is survived by her husband and three boys, who range in age from four to twelve. She also provided voices for “The Last of Us” and “Anthem,” two well-known video games.

A Great Human Being

“Annie entered my life with an open mind and an infectious smile. She completely stopped me in my tracks with her talent,” he stated. “Annie became more than just a coworker; she turned into a true friend to me.”

The FBI agent Renee Walker was portrayed by Wersching in “24”‘s seventh and eighth seasons.

Wersching was also well-known for lending her voice to several video games, including the hit title “The Last of Us,” which has subsequently been turned into an HBO series, and “Anthem.”


1. Who was Annie Wersching?

A. She was a Actress

2. What was her profession?

A. Actress

3. What was Annie Wersching Nationality ?


4. How old was Annie Wersching?

A. 45 years old

5. What happened to Annie Wersching?

A. She died due to cancer

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