Three People Were Killed And Four Injured In A Mass Shooting In A Los Angeles Area

According to Los Angeles police, a shooting early on Saturday morning in the Beverly Crest neighbourhood left three individuals dead and four others in critical condition.

What Happened In Beverly Hills?

A shooting occurred early on Saturday in the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Beverly Crest, which borders Beverly Hills, leaving three people dead and four more hurt.

In response to reports of a shooting with victims on the ground, police were called to a residence on Ellison Drive and Arby Drive at roughly 2:30 a.m., according to Sgt. Bruce Borihanh of the Los Angeles Police Department.

When the police got on the site, they discovered numerous victims of gunshot wounds. According to Borihanh, three bodies were discovered inside a car that was parked in front of a vacation rental.

Severely Injured Victims

Two of the victims were taken to the hospital by paramedics, while the other two made their own way there. Two are rated as critical, and two are listed as stable. The victims’ ages and genders are unknown.

Los Angeles
Source: New York Post

Police claimed there was a gathering there, but they are unable to establish whether it was a party. If the suspect(s) are in custody is unknown.

Police have confirmed that there was no active shooter situation. This is at least California’s sixth large-scale shooting this month.

Exact one week has passed since a shooting in Beverly Crest left 11 people dead at a dancing school in Monterey Park.


1. Who were the Suspects ?

A. Not known yet

2. How many were injured?

A. 4

3. How many died?

A. 3

4. Where the mass shooting occurred?

A. In Beverly Hills

5. What happened in Beverly Hills?

A. Mass shooting

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