Shooting in Kansas claims the life of a man suspected of helping carry out a pair of murders in Phoenix

According to information provided by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, the suspect in a double homicide that took place in Phoenix was killed after a confrontation with law enforcement agents in Kansas.

The defendant, who has been named as Leroy D. Malone, was confronted with numerous gunshot wounds in Dodge City, Kansas, in connection with the shooting convictions that occurred close to the intersection of 51st Avenue and Broadway Road. On Sunday, police officers in Phoenix responded to a report from an injured man, and when they reached at the location, they discovered the two victims, Cameron Brown, 28, and Asya Rose Ribble, 27, dead in their residence. Brown was 28 years old, and Ribble was 27 years old. Thankfully, by that time, both of their children were still alive and doing well.

The suspect was later determined to be Malone by the investigative department of Phoenix, which subsequently shared this information with other authorities around the country.

In addition to the person who is suspected of carrying out the crime, the automobile that they were driving was also used to target and shoot a female passenger who was afterwards taken to the hospital.

Double homicide suspect from Phoenix killed by deputies in Kansas, 2nd suspect hospitalized
Source: KTAR

Malone, the convicted murderer, was sentenced to serve time in prison beginning in June 2010 and ending in June 2020 for a variety of violent offences, including armed robbery, aggravated assault, marijuana violation, and other offences.

Clark County deputies were on patrol near Minneola, Kansas, when they came upon a blue Toyota Tundra that was believed to be related to a double homicide that had occurred there. The speed was slowed down thanks to the blue Toyota stop sticks and the troopers who were stationed in the appropriate positions.

The deputy’s effort to halt the automobile was unsuccessful as the suspect continued to speed away from the scene. The exchange of gunfire began after the deputy from Clark County drove the truck into a ditch. Malone was killed throughout the course of the confrontation. despite the fact that the investigation into the double killing is still ongoing.

During the incident, two deputies from the Ford County Sheriff’s Office were shot, and one of the cops had serious injuries that placed their life in danger and was sent to a hospital in Wichita. The agency reports that the officer is presently being treated in the intensive care unit at the hospital. According to reports, the second person was treated at a nearby hospital for some minor shrapnel injuries and then discharged.

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