An emotional memorial ceremony for Lisa Marie Presley was held at Elvis Presley’s Graceland.

Many people gathered early Sunday morning in front of Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, to pay their respects to Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of late musician Elvis Presley.

Former Memphis mayor A. C. Wharton, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, manager Jerry Schilling, and Elvis Presley Enterprises managing partner Joel Weinshanker all spoke during Lisa Marie and Elvis’s burial.

The lineup includes musical acts such Axl Rose, Alanis Morissette, Jason Clark, and The Tennessee Mass Choir.

Elvis’s assistant, producer, and Lisa Marie’s manager, Schilling, recalled working with Elvis and “a chick named Memphis,” as Shilling put it.

According to Schilling, Elvis invited him to spend Christmas and New Year’s at Graceland in 1967, and he stayed there until Lisa Marie was born in February of that year.

On Sunday in Memphis, Jerry Schilling addresses the crowd during Lisa Marie Presley’s public tribute.

For the January 10 Golden Globes, Schilling claimed his girlfriend Lisa Marie Presley had invited him to join them on the red carpet.

“Jerry Schilling, I love you,” was the last thing she spoke to me, he added.

“Just like I was there with her father when Priscilla gave birth, I was there with her mother when she left us,” Schilling stated. I’ve got undying affection for the city of Memphis.

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Then, in a low voice, Priscilla Presley read a poem and made some comments from her granddaughter Riley Keough.

She had a feeling the end was nigh. Some could claim that her death was the result of survivor’s guilt, but I believe that it was caused by a broken heart. Priscilla Presley expressed sadness for her granddaughter, saying, “Now she is home where she always belonged, but my heart is losing her love.”

Lisa Marie Presley’s oldest child is Keough.

The phrase “our heart is broken” was spoken by Priscilla. Everyone here adores you, Lisa.

Keough’s spouse, Ben Smith-Petersen, also contributed by way of a letter written by Keough.

Riley wrote that her mother was “the finest in the world” and that she had made the right choice in becoming her mother.

“I’ll never forget the warmth of my mother’s affection. You held me so tightly when I was scared, and I’ll never forget that feeling,” the letter said. “That’s how I felt when I was a kid, and it’s how I felt when I sat on your couch two weeks ago. Thanks for teaching me that love is the only thing that truly counts. I pray that my love for my daughter will be like yours for me.

The official cause of Lisa Marie Presley’s death has not yet been determined.

The Los Angeles County Coroner said that the cause of Lisa Marie Presley’s death has not been identified despite an initial autopsy study.

Presley was checked out on January 14th, but an autopsy was postponed. If the medical examiner is unable to identify a cause of death during an autopsy, they may defer the case and ask for more testing. According to Sarah Ardalani, a spokesman for the coroner’s office, “after the tests/studies come back, the doctor reviews the case again and makes the cause of death conclusion.”

Last week, the singer-songwriter passed away in the hospital from what was believed to be a heart attack. A woman of 54 years of age.

Many factors might contribute to the delay, as CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta discussed on Wednesday.

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