Who is Jason Dirden Wife? Is Anika Noni Rose And Jason Dirden Are Married?

American actor Jason Dirden is from. He gained notoriety for his performances in the films Greenleaf, American Soul, Elementary, and The Start of Dreams.

In the 2008 film House of Payne, he made his acting debut. He provided a voiceover for Grand Theft Auto V. In addition to Strahan and Sara, he also made appearances on Broadway.com and owned Tonight.

Jason Dirden Wife

Married man Jason Dirden has a wife. Anika Noni Rose is his wife’s name. On October 16, 2022, these pairs were hitched.

After three months of marriage, they announced their weddings in the magazine Brides on January 16, 2023. They stated,

We chose an identical sentence to close each of our vows without first consulting one another. It went exactly as we had anticipated.

It was 2014 when they first met. They had recently been cast in the Broadway production of A Raisin in the Sun.

“We didn’t intend to get involved with anyone in the business, either of us. We had a good time. Our ability to laugh often is crucial. Furthermore, we only discuss business a little.

That’s what drew us in as friends. She is such a moron. She has a 4-year-old child inside of her who won’t ever leave. She enjoys pulling practical jokes on others, and she has a sure spontaneous hilarity about her that helped us let go of any armour or protection mechanisms and be ourselves with each other. We formed this bond while walking 60 blocks from rehearsal to the gym and chatting about life. The play we were working on had nothing to do with it. That level of ease and comfort between us has always existed.

We had a few years of friendship, but after we both went out to do our things and fell out of touch for a bit, we eventually reconnected.

Jason Dirden Wife
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Who is Anika Noni Rose, Jason Dirden’s wife?

Anika Noni Rose, Jason Dirden’s spouse, is a member of the Hollywood acting community. She is popularly referred to as the Princess and the Frog star.

When 2023 rolls around, She will be 50 years old, while Jason will be 42. She is well-known for providing the voice for Tiana, the first African-American Princess in Disney history. In 2011, Disney named Anika a Legend.

Jason Dirden Parents

Jason Dirden, the son of Deborah and Willie Dirden, was born in Houston, Texas, on August 23, 1980.

In 2023, he will be 42 years old. He finished his undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois.

Jason was conceived by the actor’s father, Willie Dirden. Brandon Dirden is Jason’s brother. Actor Brandon is his brother.

Jason Dirden Ethnicity

He is of White ethnicity. He is of American descent.

Jason Dirden Net Worth

The estimated $500k is Jason Dirden’s net worth. On average, he makes about $17 per hour and $81k a year from movies.


Q.1 Who is Jason Dirden?

Ans. An American actor is Jason Dirden. He is well-known for portraying his character in The Start of Dreams, Elementary, American Soul, Greenleaf, and Greenleaf.

Q.2 Who is Jason Dirden’s wife?

Ans. Anika Noni Rose

Q.3 Who are Jason Dirden’s parents?

Ans. Deborah Dirden and Willie Dirden

Q.4 Who is Jason Dirden’s brother?

Ans. Brandon Dirden

Q.5 What is Jason Dirden’s ethnicity?

Ans. White (His parents are of Louisiana Creole and African American descent.)

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