Who are the parents of Jabari Smith Jr.? Meet his mother Taneskia Purnell and father Jabari Smith.

Thanks to Jabari Smith Jr., LeBron James experienced a senior moment. Currently, LeBron James is starting to outpace the opposition. The Akron native is now up against a second-generation hoopster after spending several years in the league. James was in a very perplexing situation during the LA Lakers’ Sunday game against the Houston Rockets.

During the game, LeBron James was told that the veteran had faced off against his father, Houston Rockets youngster Jabari Smith Jr., 19; what James was hearing shocked him. James couldn’t help but ask, “Why’d you do that to me?” after Smith Jr. revealed to the four-time champion his father played for the Sacramento Kings.

Smith Jr. scored 14, grabbed 4, and had four assists despite the Lakers winning the game. By a score of 140–132, he and his group were defeated by LeBron James and the LA Lakers. James was the game’s leading scorer with a game-high 48 points while also grabbing eight rebounds and dishing out nine assists.

After the game, he spoke with reporters in the post-game news conference and touched on their back-and-forth conversation.

“When Junior said that, it made me feel incredibly old. I remember you probably think old, and he may have even stated.

Jabari Smith
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Jabari Smith Jr.’s parents

Jabari Smith informed LeBron James that his father was a Sacramento Kings player. Even though Jabari Smith Sr. was a team member, the big man never faced James. He didn’t touch the floor once during the Cavaliers vs Kings game.

Jabari Smith Sr. entered the 2000 draught after a productive college career at LSU and was selected 45th overall. He played with the Philadelphia 76ers for a year after a brief run with the Sacramento Kings. After spending another year with the Sacramento Kings, he briefly played for the New Jersey Nets before taking his skills abroad.

Jabari Smith’s mom doesn’t have much noteworthy information; however, it’s fascinating to note that Kwame Brown is Kwabari Smith’s cousin. In one of the worst NBA failures in history, In the 2001 draught, Brown was chosen as the first overall choice.

LeBron James’ quest to become the all-time scoring leader

It’s no secret that LeBron James is presently on pace to surpass Kareem Abdul-record Jabbar’s for points in a regular season. The long-standing record appears to be something James will break “when,” not “if,” as of now.

James now only needs 316 more points to break Kareem Abdul-record Jabbar’s after his incredible 48-point performance against the Houston Rockets. James, a four-time MVP, has been playing at an insane level lately, and he appears ready to smash the record shortly.

LeBron James needs 12 games to break Kareem Abdul-record Jabbar’s if his career scoring average of 27.1 points per game is used. James may set a new record on February 9 when the Los Angeles Lakers host the Milwaukee Bucks, assuming he participates in every game between now and then.

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