Who is Connor Chapman? 22 year old man charged with murder of Elle Edward

Elle Edwards, age 26, was shot in the head on Christmas Eve at the Lighthouse Pub in Wallasey Village, and a man has been charged with her murder.

Connor Chapman, a resident of Woodchurch, who is 22 years old, has been remanded in custody and will next appear in court. He is also charged with handling stolen property, including a Mercedes A-Class, Possession of a firearm to endanger life, two counts of attempted murder, three charges of unlawful and malicious wounding with the intent to cause severe bodily damage, and possession of ammunition with the intent to endanger life, according to Merseyside Police. A 23-year-old woman arrested for supporting a criminal has already been released on bond.

In the days following her passing, her family, friends, and members of the general public placed memorials near the shooting scene. Lucy, Elle’s sister, left flowers and a letter before she left the bar just before the shot was fired. “I will always cherish you and remain by your side, Elle May. Love you, Lucy Lou.”

Later, in a statement, Elle’s father, Tim Edwards, said: No one was more stunning than lovely Elle May, with her beauty and laugh.

Man charged with Elle Edwards murder
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Who is Connor Chapman?

A further court appearance is scheduled for Connor Chapman, 22, of Woodchurch’s Houghton Road, who has been remanded in custody.

In addition, he faces two counts of attempted murder and three counts of causing serious bodily harm with an unlawful and malicious wound.

Merseyside Police reported that Mr Chapman was also charged with handling stolen items, including a Mercedes A-Class, and having a firearm and ammunition with the intent to endanger life.

On Friday, he will show up in court at Wirral Adult Remand.

Elle Edwards murder- Explained?

At around 11.50 p.m., Ms Edwards, a 26-year-old beautician, was shot in the head while enjoying Christmas with her sister and friends in the Lighthouse Inn in Wallasey, a community close to Liverpool.

She was embroiled in a drug gang conflict on December 24 when she was shot and killed by a shooter, it was discovered.

The gunfire was not intended for the young beautician, according to the police, which was allegedly fired as part of an unsuccessful retaliation strike.

A 23-year-old woman held suspicion of aiding a criminal was released on bond.

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