Leyla Salyamova What is the Death Reason?

The community as a whole was shocked to learn the unfortunate details of the national diving champion. The 23-year-old Leyla Salyamova, the national diving champion of Russia, reportedly died. Unfortunately, on Friday morning, January 13, 2023, the news of her unexpected death was confirmed. Many sources are attesting to the champion’s passing and revealing the cause of her death, which has been made public.

Numerous sources are seeking additional information and trying to determine the precise cause of the diver’s death now that the news of her death has been confirmed. To learn more updates, keep reading this article.

According to the sources, Stanislav Druzhinin, president of the Russian Diving Federation, reportedly confirmed her untimely death after hearing the news. He also revealed the reason for her unexpected demise in addition to this. National diving champion Leyla Salyamova passed away following a terrible car accident on January 12, 2023, according to a statement made by the federation’s president.

Leyla Salyamova, a member of our team, passed away in a car accident on Thursday, according to Druzhinin. This is shocking information to us. She is 23 years old, and I cannot fathom the horror her parents and other family members must be going through right now. To each of them, I offer my condolences.

Russia's High Dive Champion Leyla Salyamova killed in traffic accident at age of 23 - Emergencies - TASS
Source: TASS

What caused the death of Leyla Salyamova?

According to Telegram Channel 112, the accident occurred in the northwest Russian region of Karelia, which borders Finland. A Mitsubishi and a Volkswagen collided head-on with the road on the federal highway near Sortavala. Many people are using their social media accounts to pay tribute to her since the news of her death was confirmed.

Russian women’s high diving champion Leyla Salyamova passed away at 23 after being involved in a car accident in Karelia, according to officials, a Twitter user wrote. The 2021 Russian high diving champion Salyamova was traveling in. Leyla Salyamova, the 23-year-old Russian high jump champion for 2021, was killed in a car accident, according to RIA Novosti, which was reported to the Ministry of Sports of Tatarstan.

In 2021, she won Russia’s national high diving competition. The incident happened while he was in the Mitsubishi. The driver and an athlete both passed away at the scene. hospitalized were the occupants of the other car. The entire family is currently going through a trying time as they lost a dear family member. The members of Leyla Salyamova’s family will never forget her.

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