Well-known Gogo Manzini Suffered Death

The adage that death always claims those we love the most is accurate; it always claims the good and kindhearted, which is why it hurts the most. Death is among the cruelest things; it permanently removes the people we love and leaves a lasting impression on our hearts. However, the Bible promises that one day death will be abolished, life will be eternal, and all the loved ones we have lost will be brought back to life. This gives us reason to be hopeful. We have no other reason to believe that we will one day be reunited with our loved ones than that.

Who was Gogo Manzini?

The sudden passing of Gogo Manzini, a well-known sangoma from Pretoria, has shocked South Africans. For her elegant dance moves, Gogo Manzini is well-known. She belonged to the group of women who were always vivacious, clean, and dancing. She also adored having fun and going out. She is well-known for both her dancing and her role as a sangoma. She is one of the contemporary sangomas, and if you saw her, you wouldn’t think she was a sangoma. Nobody knows her in Pretoria.

Gogo Manzini experienced a torturous demise. Although I am aware that we cannot all control how we pass away, I have to admit that her manner of passing away is among the most memorable. She was shot in the face on Tuesday night as she was leaving a party; a popular video shows her lying down in a pool of blood with two bullet holes in her face. Even the outcome and the reason for the murder of the woman are unclear.

People are cruel everywhere, but what is more sensitive is that after she was shot, they were busy recording videos of her lifeless body lying in a pool of blood. Her family has suffered greatly as a result of the video’s trending nature; content creation has subsumed people’s awareness; whenever an accident occurs, people take pictures for content. We can do better, South Africans. May she rest in peace, my dear.

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