Sadness as ‘lovely’ Gosforth adolescent passes away with Strep A

In a heartwarming tribute, a Gosforth teen who passed away “after contracting Strep A” was called “the most selflessly beautiful person.”.

The 16-year-old Amy Gadomski passed away on Thursday, January 5, and her aunt Rachael Gadomski has asked Newcastle United supporters to clap in her honor during their Premier League match against Fulham on Sunday at the 16th minute. The club “meant everything” to Amy, a season ticket holder who was taking her GCSEs at Sacred Heart High School.

Amy, who was described as always happy, smiling, and ready to help anyone in need, suffered a cardiac arrest on January 3 and was taken by helicopter to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Newcastle. Later, she was moved to the Freeman Hospital, where sadly, the next day she passed away.

The cause of Amy’s death is still unknown, but her family was informed that sepsis or Strep A could have contributed to both of these cardiac arrests. Wasana and Michael, her parents, are heartbroken over losing their one and only child.

Rachael, Amy’s aunt, stated: “We are all inconsolable; why a 16-year-old girl? Why did this happen? I want to spread awareness of Strep A. To increase public understanding of sepsis.

“I just want to basically say to everyone, hug your kids a little tighter. It’s bizarre, we don’t know why it happened, and we’re still waiting for explanations. “.

She goes on, “She cherished the ambiance, the giggles, and the priceless memories she created with her friends. I hope that on Sunday at St. James’ Park, 52,000 of Amy’s fellow Newcastle United supporters will give her the proper send-off “.

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Because she liked Miguel Almiron, Amy had a portrait with the Paraguayan and even got to meet him. Dan Burn, who scored his first goal in the Carabao Cup semifinal game against Leicester City on Tuesday night, was her favourite player.
Rachael added, “Surely that’s a sign,” as Amy sadly could not see the goal. I told my partner, “Wow, Dan Burn scored; that has to be for Amy.”. “.

Her campaign to have Amy honored in the stadium is gaining traction and is being widely disseminated on Facebook and Twitter. She even got in touch with the team, who will pay tribute to Amy during their next home Premier League match against West Ham on February 4.

However, Amy’s auntie Joy, who traveled from San Diego to say goodbye to her niece, won’t be able to wait that long. We prefer that the tribute be presented in person rather than on Facebook or in the program, according to Rachel. “.

She also expressed her gratitude to the supporters who were spreading the word, saying: “I can’t thank everyone enough who has supported us, who has shared tweets and Facebook messages. I know Amy would be over the moon. I never in a million years imagined we would receive the number of shares and retweets; Facebook is going crazy.

The entire day, we have been in tears. We just know that she would feel incredibly honored and proud to receive a clap at St. James Park. “.

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