Tiktok star Waffler69 aka Taylor passed away from heart attack, Tiktoker dies at 33, What happened to him?

To pay for his brother’s funeral expenditures, Taylor Brice LeJeune’s brother Clayton has started a GoFundMe page.

Hey everyone, this is Taylor’s brother Clayton, he wrote.

“I have no idea what I’m doing. The embaling, which cost 1500, was paid for by my mum. I’m still determining who I SHOULD ask anything of, much less how much I SHOULD ask for.

“Me and my family would appreciate it if he has touched your heart in some manner.”

Waffler69, a famous culinary influencer on social media known as Taylor Brice LeJeune, passed away on January 11 from what his brother Clay stated on TikTok was a “presumed heart attack.” 33 was the author of the content.

According to Clay’s message, Taylor, who lived in Louisiana, was “rushed to the hospital,” but she eventually passed tragically.

In his January 12 video, Clay pleaded with his followers to preserve his legacy. “Keep an eye on the content he does publish. preserve his life. He delighted in seeing others smile.”

What happened to the TikTok star Waffler69 aka Taylor?

At 33, Taylor LeJeune—real name wafffler69—a well-known TikTok culinary critic—passed away abruptly.

Taylor’s brother, @Claydorm, who uses the Twitter handle, confirmed the information to TMZ.

Clayton told TMZ that Taylor (Waffler69) had called his mother when he started to feel ill, but when things got worse, he asked for an ambulance to transport him from his Louisiana home to a hospital. Taylor passed away at the medical centre.

In his TikTok bio, Claydorm offered a link to a GoFundMe page to help his mother, who he said: “had to pay for my brother’s cremation, as well as the medical expenditures.”

Waffler69 aka Taylor
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About Waffler69:

A well-known social media user named Waffler69 produced commonplace video stuff. Most of his TikTok videos, with 1.7 million subscribers, were food.

To suggest particular foods to viewers, he published videos in which he tried out numerous foods and provided comments.

At the same time, Waffler69 was always open to recommendations from his followers and loved trying out new things.

By consuming odd foods, such as a prepared cheeseburger, Waffler69 succeeded. He was spotted chowing down on ruined food in several of his more well-known movies, including expired cereal and canned goods produced under licence and first offered in 1989 to advertise Tim Burton’s Batman flick. In earlier films, he prepared dinners with materials from Dollar Tree. The unplanned appearances of old VHS tapes and DVDs in his programmes were also well-received by the audience.

Eventually, due to his popularity, he began to sell things in Cameo and even developed his own Waffler Seasoning. Boxes of odd and out-of-date promotional cereal, a massive Fruit Loop that was in hot demand, and even corn dogs flavoured with Asian flavours were among the items tasted by Waffler69. He contrasted similar menu items from several fast food restaurants in a few of his more well-liked movies.

Taylor eagerly sampled everything, from tinned beef tripe to fried grasshoppers. He earned more followers on TikTok and added to his Instagram and YouTube fan bases. He’d been putting out videos since 1996.

In his final food prank before dying, he dunked a big Froot Loop into a bowl of milk.

Tributes to Taylor aka Waffler69

Numerous people offered their deepest condolences to his family and how much they loved him. His admirers and fans are shocked by the news of this incident.

RIP, Waffler 69. Your TikTok videos were hilarious and ridiculous. Young and premature. The fact that you made many others laugh when we most likely needed it should allow you to rest easy.

He was one of my favourite creators these days, and man, rest in peace, wafffler69—such a senseless and heartbreaking death. Man, I love you.

“I cannot believe he is no more. My son and I had a nightly ritual of watching #wafffler69’s TikTok, and it motivated Uki to try new things and create his movies. This helped me get through the epidemic. Ugh. You’re such a silly, kind person.

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