How did Timothy Nga die? Singapore theatre actor cause of death explained

Timothy Nga Death, an actor who has also served as an executive coach, emcee, and director, is a subject of curiosity to the public.

Timothy Nga started his professional career in the 1990s in the IT industry before making the jump to acting professionally in 2003, motivated by a passion for telling tales.

He frequently performed in theatre with local companies like Wild Rice, The Necessary Stage, and the Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT).

How did Timothy Nga die?

Timothy Nga, a 49-year-old Singaporean theatre performer, passed suddenly on January 9, 2023.

On Tuesday, his sister posted the sad news of his passing on Instagram.

Timothy Nga’s passing was also announced on Instagram by Zaobaosg Entertainment.

Timothy Nga cause of death

The community is inconsolable about Timothy Nga’s death’s cause.

Apart from the confirmation of his death, it is now unknown precisely what caused Timothy Nga’s passing away. His actual cause of death was also not made public.

We are trying to get in touch with Timothy Nga’s friends and family to learn more about the cause of death. When more information about the tragic event that made so many people cry is made public, this section will be updated as soon as possible.

Timothy Nga
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Who was Timothy Nga?

Actor and director Timothy Nga was a professional winner of awards.

Nga began working in the 1990s in the IT sector before switching to acting in 2003 because he was passionate about expressing tales. He frequently participated in theatrical productions with regional groups like Wild Rice, The Necessary Stage, and the Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT). As an illustration, he performed in The Jungle Book, a 2009 SRT The Little Company performance.

He also played Beijing artist and activist Lin Bo in the SRT production of Caught (2019). A Language Of Their Own and FRAGO was only a couple of the movies he appeared in (2017). (2012).

Additionally, he has made cameos on regional television, including in the superhero series Zero Hero (2011–2013), which aired on the now-defunct kids’ channel Okto, as well as dramas for Channel 5, like This Land Is Mine (2021) and Lifeline (2005–2007).

He played Lenny Wong, the husband of Vernetta Lopez’s Mimi Wong, in the film Zero Hero, which also featured a local radio DJ as Mimi Wong.

Additionally, Nga appeared in independent films, including Anthony Chen’s Wet Season and The High Cost of Living (both 2019). (2006).

At the ninth International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers festival in Greece, it took home the trophy for Best Feature Film.

Additionally, he represented Pink Dot 2009 as an ambassador.

Tributes to Timothy Nga

Numerous people offered their deepest condolences to his family and how much they loved him. His admirers and fans are shocked by the news of this incident.

“Today, @celebritiessc mourns the unexpected death of our beloved friend and brother Timothy Nga. No words can adequately convey our sorrow… So many memories of us working for charities, having fun together, and supporting one another on football grounds come to mind. He was a very decent and nice brother. I miss you, Tim. May the Lord always keep you in His glorious abode.

“Whenever one of the artistic tribe perishes… A heartbeat is missed. More so if you had previously collaborated with them. Timothy Nga was a very approachable and dynamic performer who used the stage and television to change in order to take audiences on a mental journey while also helping them forget their problems. He gathered everyone for a joyride on the stage I shared with him.

Everyone admired his unusual and humorous performance. His collaboration with other performers was positive. I didn’t speak to any of the performers again after the play. The stage work’s curse of transcient nature (for me) However, Timothy’s deadpan humour and endearing smile leave you with an everlasting impression. Gone too soon, brother… gone too quickly… RIP TN.”

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