Beth Matthews 26 year old, died after buying a poisonous substance from online.

Beth Matthews, 26, died in March of last year after consuming the drug, which she said was protein powder.

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Who was Beth Matthews?

Ms Matthews, who is originally from Cornwall, was described as “bright and effervescent” in court.

She was a well-known mental health blogger with thousands of followers.

According to the inquest, she was being treated for a personality disorder in a secured unit at the Priory in Cheadle Royal.

The court was informed that on March 21, paramedics were summoned after allegations that Ms Matthews had overdosed.

Ms Matthews “ingested a chemical that arrived via the post, rather rapidly felt sick, was brought immediately to hospital, where she unfortunately died,” Assistant Coroner Andrew Bridgman told the jurors.

Ms Matthews “had a box brought to the unit, which she opened in front of them and managed to ingest,” paramedic Kate Barnes said in a statement.

“A tiny plastic, screw top container” was included in the package.

Ms Matthews ingested “an unknown amount” of the chemical and had supposedly told workers the box contained “protein powder,” according to the inquest.

Ms Barnes was advised that patients may open their own packages if they were monitored by personnel.

The container had “foreign lettering on it,” and the chemical had presumably “been purchased on the internet,” according to the jury.

She had an Incredible Personality.

Image source – BBC

Jane Matthews, Ms Matthews’ mother, also testified in court.

She stated her kid was “a terrific character,” “bright and joyful,” and “lit up the lives” of everyone she met.

She loved sports and excelled at sailing, having finished the arduous Fastnet race at the age of 15.

According to the verdict, Ms Matthews suffered life-changing injuries after an attempted suicide in 2019.

By writing about her recovery and her mental health, she amassed millions of Twitter followers.

Jane Matthews noted that her daughter was able to help everyone who approached her and had a positive influence on many people’s lives.

The investigation is currently underway and is expected to be completed next week.

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