How did Diamond and Silk die? Lynette Hardaway cause of death Explained

North Carolina’s RALEIGH: The official relationship between Diamond and Silk, also known as Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway and Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway Richardson, has ended. On Monday, January 9, Diamond’s social media accounts posted the news of his passing. Immediately after learning of the activist’s passing, Donald Trump rushed to offer his respects. Diamond, whose real name is Lynnette Hardaway, was hospitalised for COVID back in November 2022. Her death was not given a specific cause, though. When she was 52 years old, Lynnette passed away.

How did Lynette Hardaway die?

A Diamond and Silk member named Lynette Hardaway tragically passed away on Monday.

Diamond of Diamond and Silk’s death was reported, and her Twitter account, Diamond and Silk, verified it.

“The World has recently lost a True Angel and Patriot Warrior for Liberty, Love, and Humanity! Please be considerate of Diamond’s family’s privacy. The ceremony is to be announced.

In his Truth Social post, Trump referred to Hardaway as “our Magnificent Diamond,” noting that she usually attends Trump rallies with her sister Rochelle “Silk” Richardson.

In November, the pair’s Twitter account begged prayers for Hardaway, but it didn’t address her health.

In December, Hardaway resumed doing her show while dismissing as “fake news” unsubstantiated online allegations that the ardent Covid-19 vaccination opponent had been admitted to the hospital with the coronavirus.

Hardaway completed filming her season on December 15.

Diamond and Silk
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Diamond of Diamond and Silk cause of death:

On January 9, 2023, Lynette Hardaway, known as Diamond of Diamond and Silk, abruptly disappeared. The Diamond of Diamond and Silk fell away suddenly and unexpectedly at her North Carolina home, with Silk by her side.

In November, she was hospitalised for a medical condition but at home. The specific ailment she had, however, was unknown.

“Horrible news for Republicans and honestly, ALL Americans,” Donald Trump said in a statement expressing his condolences. Our dear Diamond of Diamond and Silk went away in her North Carolina home, the state she loved dearly.

Silk was by her side the entire time and at her demise. Nowhere, at any time, was a more excellent TEAM to be found! Unexpectedly, Diamond passed away, perhaps because her huge, priceless HEART gave out. Our Magnificent Diamond, you will be sadly missed; rest in peace.

About Diamond and Diamond Silk:

Donald Trump’s 2015 presidential campaign brought Diamond and Silk celebrity. Hardaway and Richardson, also referred to on the right as “Diamond and Silk,” were well-known for being ardent supporters of Trump among African-Americans in the 2016 election.

American political activists, live stream video bloggers, and hosts for Newsmax and, Ineitha Lynette Hardaway and Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway Richardson.

In North Carolina in 1972, Lynnette was born. They registered in 2012 as Democrats.

They spoke in front of the House Judiciary Committee on April 26, 2018, denouncing social media censorship by big tech.

Tributes to Lynette Hardaway:

We lost Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway, Diamond of Diamond and Silk. We shall miss her since she was a fierce patriot. You can donate to keep her legacy alive at

It was a pleasure to be around Diamond (of @DiamondandSilk). She consistently made you smile and laugh. Everyone who knew her will miss her dearly. Please pray for her family at this challenging time, especially for her sister, Silk. RIP

I learned that one of the Diamond and Silk women had passed away. From what I read, Diamond passed gone. I adored the two women. I send the family my condolences.

This awful news breaks my heart. We all adored her wit, unique brand of intelligence and patriotic spirit; therefore, her passing is a significant loss for us all. Silk requires prayers due to this enormous tragedy. Tonight, our thoughts are with Diamond’s family and you.

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