What happened to Constance Marten? What did the police say

The couple and their newborn child had vanished. A couple has gone missing with their newborn kid after their car broke down on the side of the road.

Image source – Liverpool Echo

Constance Marten and Mark Gordon safely departed their car near M61 exit four.

According to Greater Manchester Police, On Thursday night, Marten and Mark Gordon got out of their car near junction four of the M61 in Bolton and began walking toward Anchor Lane bridge (GMP).

Officers believe Ms Marten recently gave birth and that neither she nor her kid had visited a doctor. They are looking for specifics.

What happened to Constance Marten, Mark Gordon, and their child?

Constance Marten, a new mother, went gone along with her husband and child.

Constance Marten is suspected of having given birth “recently,” according to investigators.

It is believed that neither she nor her kid received medical attention.

Constance Martin, along with the baby’s father, Mark Gordon, is presently missing. They were last seen yesterday at 6.30 p.m. on January 5.

Mark and Constance were seen on the Anchor Lane Bridge in Bolton, which spans the M61 and links the districts of Highfield and Little Hulton.

Despite the fact that their automobile had broken down, the family was able to safely leave the freeway. To find them, the police have shared photographs on social media.

Investigation so far 


Image source – Manchester World

They were on their way to the bridge that joins Little Hulton and Highfield.

Ms Marten, a native Londoner, wore pale clothing, whereas Mr Gordon wore dark apparel. The newborn youngster was swaddled, according to authorities.

As a mother, Ch Supt Michaela Kerr of GMP stated that she wanted to speak directly to Ms Marten.

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