How did Danny Kaleikini die? Legendary Hawaii entertainer Danny Kaleikini dies at age 85

Danny Kaleikini, regarded as Hawaii’s “ambassador of aloha,” went yesterday. He was a well-known singer and entertainer with a long career and met many famous people. Let’s examine Danny Kaleikini’s demise and the precise causes of death.

How did Danny Kaleikini die?

Danny Kaleikini is a singer, musician, showroom performer, actor, and recording artist who is also known by the moniker “Ambassador of Aloha” and his slogan “Aloha ke kahi I ke kahi” (“Love is where you find it”). He died peacefully on January 6, 2023, at St. Francis Hospice in Nuuanu. He was 85.

His business partner, Linda Wong, said that he had passed away this morning.

Danny Kaleikini cause of death

The cause of Danny Kaleikini’s death has the neighbourhood in disbelief.

His family claimed he died peacefully on Friday morning at St. Francis Hospice, where Hawaiian musicians had gathered during the previous month to perform and spread aloha.

Apart from the confirmation of his death, it is now unknown exactly what caused him to pass away. The particular cause of death for Danny Kaleikini was also not disclosed.

We’re trying to get in touch with Danny Kaleikini’s friends and family to find out more about the cause of death. This section will be updated as soon as we learn more about the tragedy that made so many people cry.

Who was Danny Kaleikini?

American singer, musician, and performer Danny “Kaniela” Kaleikini was also an entertainment.

The Kahala Hilton in Hawaii, where he played for 28 years, is where he spent most of his time living and earning the moniker “The Ambassador of Aloha.” Throughout his more than 50-year career in the entertainment industry, he shared the stage alongside Sammy Davis Jr., Wayne Newton, Dolly Parton, Phyllis McGuire, and Don Ho at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas as Paul Anka’s opening act.

Danny Kaleikini
Image Source: KITV

Danny Kaleikini Early life

In Papakolea, Honolulu, Kaleikini was born and nurtured. He was native to Hawaii and of Italian, Chinese, Irish, and Chinese ancestry. His father, Danny Kaleikini Sr., worked in the Hawaii National Guard and picked up trash for the City and County of Honolulu.

His mother, Margie, was a cocktail waitress at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Kaleikini was raised by his mother and grandmother, who were fluent in Hawaiian and English.

He and his brother started selling copies of The Honolulu Advertiser when he was five years old to make money. After cleaning shoes in Chinatown every Friday, Kaleikini and his brother would go to jam sessions with Jesse Kalima and Thousand Pounds of Melody, where they honed their singing and performing abilities.

Kaleikini participated in the bell choir at Royal Elementary. While playing the trumpet and drums, he competed for the job of student body president at Kawananakoa Intermediate with Robert Kihune and other candidates.

Kaleikini attended Roosevelt High School, where he was a member of the school chorus and a 16-piece orchestra. His high school contemporaries included Ron Jacobs and Wesley Park, who later advanced to the post of his company manager.

He attended the University of Hawaii at Mnoa on a music scholarship and majored in music instruction.

First Breakthrough

Kaleikini’s major break came while performing at the Hilton Hawaiian Village for seven years. He learned how to emcee using appropriate English rather than Pidgin from Hilo Hattie, who served as his mentor there.

After Alfred Apaka’s passing, he started working in the luau performances and eventually gained fame in the Tapa Room, where he performed alongside singer and hula dancer Lani Casino.

Hawaii’s Ambassador of Aloha

He had the foremost room revue that had gone the longest by 1974 after beginning his ninth year in the same spot.

After more than 10,000 appearances, Kaleikini celebrated his 20th anniversary at the Hilton on April 27, 1987, with a two-hour spectacular.

Governor John Waihee designated Danny Kaleikini as “Hawaii’s Ambassador of Aloha” in 1988. The Kahala Hilton was sold on December 31, 1994, when Kaleikini quit the organisation.

He received a Guinness World Records nomination for his prolonged run at the Hala Terrace of the Kahala Hilton. In his honour, Danny Kaleikini Square was given to the Kahala Hotel & Resort’s front drive in 2022.

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