Ashari Hughes, 16, dies, Ashari Hughes GoFundMe Fundraiser

A Las Vegas high school student named Ashari Hughes, 16, passed away playing flag football on Thursday, January 7. She experienced chest pains halfway through the game versus Valley High School and took a break on the sidelines, where she eventually passed out. It happened approximately 7:30 o’clock.

In Nevada, Las Vegas, Ashari Hughes attended Desert Oasis High School. The head of the school, Ian Salzman, wrote in an email to the boy’s parents, “Staff immediately began providing medical treatment and continued until paramedics came.”

Later, Salzman continued, “I must tell you with sorrowful heart that the pupil has gone away. The whole district and the school grieve the loss of this precious life.” Ashari Hughes’s death is under investigation by the Clark County Coroner’s Office, which has not yet disclosed the reason or method of Ashari’s passing. Hughes did, however, have ongoing cardiac issues, according to a family member who spoke to a media source. He also saw a doctor. Even though her parents had pondered bringing her outdoors to have her condition reevaluated, they claimed that her doctor had already given the go-ahead for her to engage in sports.

A fundraising page has been created on GoFundMe to help cover the costs of Ashari’s funeral and memorial. A goal of $50,000 was set, of which $19,646 has been raised to date.

Ashari Hughes’ parents say soccer has been the true love of her life

Ashari’s grieving parents Twayne and Enttroda Hughes praised their late daughter as a loving, passionate and determined person. On their GoFundMe page, they wrote:

“She was passionate, loving and determined. She loved music, dancing and being around everyone she loved. She called football the true love of her life! She loved him very much and was loved by many.

16-year-old flag football player dies following game at Desert Oasis | Las Vegas Review-Journal
Source: Journey

Ashari’s parents said that 7 was her first football shirt number and she always strives to represent it well. They added: “Show him number 7!” Aphelia Phifer-Hill, the mother of one of Ashari’s teammates, posted Ashari’s death on Facebook and said she rushed to the scene to revive Ashari. Aphelia wrote that Thursday was the first time in 26 years as a nurse that she had to perform CPR on a child. He added that everyone panicked when Ashari collapsed in the cold and rain. Chest compressions and use of an external defibrillator have been attempted.

Although it was often stated in the article that Ashari’s family was absent from the game, they eventually showed up with Ashari’s heart still beating. But the adolescent passed away after being admitted to the hospital and given an intubation. “He Loves Your Children, You Never Know When Death Will Come,” Aphelia concluded.

No one could have predicted such a catastrophe, said to another dad, Joel Scharer, whose daughter Alyssa attends the school. It wasn’t about the tackle, it was about flag football. However, none could have predicted that a little girl would pass away in such a manner.

Ashari Hughes convinced Marilyn Barnes’ 15-year-old daughter Ajah to play flag football, and Marilyn stated Ashari was a beast on the field. She put all of her heart into every game she played. Off the pitch she was bubbly and she always had a smile on her face.

Barnes continued: “It’s very scary because ultimately we think of sport as a sport. We all have plans for what happens after the game, taking the family home, eating and getting the kids ready for school the next day. You never think about that camp or that camp is their last moment.

Dr. Clark County Superintendent Jesus F. Jara released a statement saying: “We are deeply saddened by the loss of this young life and our thoughts go out to the students’ friends, family and loved ones.”

So far, 435 donations have been made to Ashari Hughes’ GoFundMe page. Many who knew the 16-year-old commented that they remembered their last moments with her, or her last words to them.

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