What happened to Doorslammer Racer Sam Fenech? Willowbank racing accident Explained

At a Queensland race meets, a driver perished in a horrifying collision.
After his car overturned during a drag race at Willowbank Raceway on Saturday at about 7 o’clock AEST in front of a stunned audience, Sam Fenech is being honoured.
One fan commented on the occurrence at New Year Nitro Blasts on Facebook, writing, “I am still shaking from what I have just watched.”

During a social media video, the car is seen swerving in the air before striking a camera tower alongside the track, killing Fenech and injuring a camera operator.
The camera operator was transported to Princess Alexandra Hospital, where they are receiving non-life-threatening medical treatment.
The area near Champions Way is being avoided by the public as Queensland Police investigate the incident, which will probably cause traffic delays.

Willowbank racing accident: Explained

Reports of a severe accident at the Willowbank Raceway have multiple emergency agencies responding. The cameraman and the driver are both said to be in critical condition. The High Acuity Response Unit is giving a response.

07:40 PM Update | Two patients were seen by paramedics; one was in critical condition, and the other was in a severe illness. The PA Hospital received one patient who was being transported in a critical but stable condition.

Doorslammer Racer Sam Fenech
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Updating at 8:00 pm | After a deadly accident this evening at a racing event at Willowbank, police are investigating (January 7). According to preliminary information, just before 7 pm, a car off the track and collided with a camera tower. As a result, the driver and the vehicle’s only occupant were fatally hurt.

A camera operator with non-life-threatening injuries was taken to the Princess Alexandra Hospital. The Forensic Crash Unit provides investigative support for Workplace Health and Safety. The public is encouraged to avoid the vicinity of Champions Way or to be patient with any potential traffic snarls.

What happened to Doorslammer Racer Sam Fenech?

During a race in Ipswich, west of Brisbane, a professional drag racer was murdered when his car slammed into a camera tower. Before 7 p.m., authorities stated that the vehicle left the track and collided with a camera tower during the New Year Nitro event at Willowbank Raceway.

The car’s driver was the only one inside, and paramedics treated him; however, he soon passed suddenly. A camera operator who suffered non-life-threatening injuries was also sent to Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.

Workplace Health and Safety is being helped in their investigation by the Forensic Crash Unit of the Queensland Police Service. When there may be traffic snarls, citizens have been advised by the police to avoid the area along Champions Way and to be patient.

Doorslammer Racer Sam Fenech dead

The JSS Racing Megatilt Doorslammer is dyno tested by SAM Fenech, who is also this machine’s driver and engine builder. He also happens to be the proprietor of Westend Performance, a renowned engine shop in Sydney with a built-in engine dyno.

The incident at the Queensland venue prompted Top Fuel Australia’s statement.

While taking part in a Top Doorslammer run, Sam Fenech was killed in a collision; nevertheless, the cameraman on the tower whose car he struck is currently receiving non-life-threatening medical treatment. Willowbank Raceway made the same announcement.

Statement from Top Fuel Australia

Sam Fenech, the Fabietti Racing Doorslammer’s driver, passed suddenly this evening due to injuries received in a racing accident at Willowbank Raceway, Top Fuel Racing Australia says with profound sadness.

The Fenech family and the Fabietti Racing team have our love and support. There will be no more public comments while the QLD Police and other organisations investigate the accident.

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