What happened to Martina Navratilova? Former Wimbledon champion diagnosed with cancer, explained

One of the best athletes, Martina Navratilova, has been identified as having stage 1 throat cancer.

Also found during throat exams was a different type of breast cancer still in its early stages. Navratilova received a 2010 ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) diagnosis of non-invasive breast cancer.

Navratilova expressed hope for a successful resolution, saying, “This double whammy is bad but still fixable.” “I’m going to fight with everything I’ve got, even though it’s going to stink for a while.”

With a promising outlook, given a history of successful treatments for these tumours, the 66-year-old will start treatment this month. The sort of throat cancer that is HPV responds favourably to therapy. Six months after being given the all-clear for breast cancer, Navratilova underwent a lumpectomy and underwent six weeks of radiation in 2010.

Navratilova states, “I didn’t discuss much breast cancer before I had it.” “At this point, women approach me, and we exchange stories. The knowledge that cancer can be beaten is hopeful.

What happened to Martina Navratilova?

Navratilova, 66, a nine-time Wimbledon champion, disclosed her breast and throat cancer diagnosis in November.

The former Russian beauty queen Julia Lemigova’s husband, an American of Czech descent, fell ill again.

The early-stage breast cancer treatment for the former world number one from the Czech Republic in 2010 occurred.

Navratilova, a 59-time grand slam single and doubles champion, will not be at the Australian Open this month, where she intended to comment on television.

Navratilova hit with two cancers:

According to a statement from her representative, the best-ever Wimbledon women’s singles champion was given an “excellent” prognosis.

Both of these malignancies are in the early stages and have favourable prognoses. Martina intends to participate through Zoom occasionally but won’t be reporting from their studio as part of Tennis Channel’s coverage of the Australian Open.

Martina Navratilova
Image Source: Times of India

Her fight with Breast cancer:

In 2010, the former world number one earned the all-clear after having radiation therapy for breast cancer.

She revealed in an interview that she had DCIS, which is not the deadliest type of cancer, in 2019. If there was ever an oxymoron, it’s when I feel like I had good cancer and got lucky.

The worst portions for me were returning to the doctor and undergoing a mammogram to check for 3other lesions.

You must maintain order while growing up in a communist nation. I left my family after that and didn’t see my parents for four years. I’ll start crying over this because I can’t get that time back.

“Just do it,” you tell yourself. I considered that the worst of my life was already behind me.

“This only affects me; I can handle it, but hurting my mother pained me,” the speaker said. Since the cancer was a piece of cake,” she continued.

Previous cancer diagnosis:

The Wimbledon champion described how “everything alters” after learning such life-altering news in a 2017 interview in which she talked about her past cancer diagnosis.

“Now that you understand how quickly life may change, the phrase “seize the day” is undoubtedly applicable.

I’ve always been quite excellent at accepting reality and moving on; I don’t worry about too many potential outcomes; just what is now, let’s deal with it.

She said in the film, which was produced by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis, “Being a top-level pro-athlete, you learn to be cheerful, therefore it came in really helpful as a patient.”

“However much money you make, you can always make more or less. You cannot get that back at any time.

“Don’t feel bad for doing what’s right for you; if it’s right for you, it will be right for everyone around you.”

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