‘America’s Got Talent’ superfans voting explained

If you’re confused about how voting works on “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars,” you’ve come to the right place. Since the superfan voting system was first developed for NBC’s first spin-off series, “AGT: The Champions,” in 2019 and 2020, viewers at home have been perplexed. You see, on a typical episode of the summertime reality TV juggernaut, Americans cast votes every week online, by phone, or both. For the spin-off editions, though, that is not the case. The voting process for “AGT: All-Stars” is explained below for “America’s Got Talent” superfans. “.

What caused the voting to change?

The superfan voting system is a way to empower the viewers in a season of “America’s Got Talent” that isn’t airing live, as voting has always been a popular concept on the show. After filming last year, “AGT: All-Stars” is currently airing in January and February of 2023. The producers of the competition didn’t want the final winner to be decided solely by the Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel judging panel. Consequently, these “delegates from all 50 states,” as host Terry Crews has previously referred to them, were made to represent YOU at home.

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Who selected the superfans, and how?

When asked about the diversity of the voters, NBC previously told Gold Derby, “We gathered a group of superfans for each show filming that is reflective and as varied as our worldwide viewing audience.” According to the announcement on how they were first chosen to participate in the series, a “research team identified delegates from all 50 states who have been longtime and committed followers of “AGT.”

How do superfans vote?

The superfans voted “via electronic keypads” after watching each of the All-Star routines that were eligible. The network stressed, “While we have expert judges who comment on each act and get to award one Golden Buzzer each throughout the season, the choice ultimately rests with our devoted viewers. “.

How many super fans exist?

Although the precise number of superfans is unknown, all 50 states are represented. According to what is said, “there was some cross-over from week to week, similar to what you would find with any voting show.”.

How many acts are chosen by the superfans?

The superfans select the act from each night of the initial audition episodes that most impresses them. Those contestants advance directly to the season finale, joining the judges’ Golden Buzzer selections. The “Got Talent” World Champion act will be decided by the superfans’ final vote during the finals.

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