Abderrahim Tounsi dies, Greatest actor and comedian passed away at 86

On Monday morning, Oussama Tounsi, Abderraouf’s son, posted on his Facebook page that his father had passed away. After enduring prolonged health problems, the Moroccan artist passed away in the family’s Casablanca home.

When word of Abderraouf’s passing spread among his followers, they experienced a wave of anguish as they lamented the loss of one of Morocco’s most recognisable performers and comedians.

How did Abderrahim Tounsi die?

A famed Moroccan comedian under the stage name “Abdelraouf,” Abderrahim Tounsi, passed away on January 2, 2022, at 86.

The comedian died after a protracted disease fight that included numerous hospital stays, according to a Facebook post by Abdelraouf’s son.

Abderrahim Tounsi cause of death

The community is inconsolable at Abderrahim Tounsi’s cause of death.

Aside from the fact that his death has been confirmed, Abderrahim Tounsi’s cause of death has not yet been made public; thus, we do not yet know what caused it.

We are attempting to get in touch with Abderrahim Tounsi’s friends and family to find out additional details regarding the events leading up to his passing. We will update this area as soon as we learn more about the tragic occurrence that made so many people cry.

Abderrahim Tounsi
Image Source: Morocco World News

Who was Abderrahim Tounsi?

Apart from the fact that his death has been confirmed, it is now unknown precisely what caused it. The particular cause of Abderrahim Tounsi’s death was also not disclosed. A comedian from Morocco, Abderrahim Tounsi.

To generations of Moroccans, he offered amusement. He was a Casablanca orphan, a prisoner of colonial authorities, and he fell in love with theatre while in jail.

Abderrahim Tounsi triumphed where many others had failed, thanks to television with his silly and burlesque approach. Abderraouf has become a byword for mocking in Moroccan vernacular.

This absolute embodiment of stupidity from the 1960s was modelled after a classmate and has remained popular.

We are working to gain access to more information concerning Abderrahim Tounsi’s cause of death.

This student served as the inspiration for this 1960s character, which is the definition of stupidity.

His name frequently pops up in conversations about the greatest comic book creators in this country, even though many young people are unaware of him because he disappeared from screens and message boards 1.

Abderrahim Tounsi, an exceptional actor who has entertained generations of Moroccans and been moved by the people’s enthusiastic welcome, was honoured by the International Film Festival of Marrakech (FIFM) on December 6, 2016.

Tributes to Abderrahim Tounsi

Numerous people expressed their admiration for him and deep sympathy for his family. The news of this tragedy has his followers and supporters in disbelief.

“Remembering Abderrahim Tounsi, one of Morocco’s most prominent comics. Ironically, he started his career behind bars after being detained for participating in the uprising against the French colonial authorities. He turned national tragedy and misery into art.

Many people expressed their love for him and deep sorrow for his family. This Monday, January 2, 2023, “Abderraouf, the well-known Moroccan actor and comedian, returned to his creator. Because of his sketches and wisdom, he will always occupy a unique place in our hearts as a wise guy adored by many Moroccans. May Allah admit him into paradise.

“We are creatures of Allah, and He is our home. Abderrahim Tounsi (also known as Abderraouf), a Moroccan humorist, was born in Casablanca in 1936. He made Moroccans laugh for several generations. This Casablanca orphan, who colonial officials had detained, developed a love for theatre while incarcerated. Television helped him flourish, whereas many others had fallen short with his foolish and burlesque character: godspeed, mate.

“Remember to” Massive Moroccan humorist Abderrahim Tounsi, also known as Abderraouf, has passed away. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, his films and skits shook entire generations. He was an orphan from Casablanca who discovered theatre and the love of comedy when imprisoned during the colonial period. Let him rest in peace.

One of the most horrible situations somebody can go through in life is losing a loved one. There must be a final destination for every voyage. Unfortunately, the person’s time on earth has ended with their death.

We send our sympathies to his family, friends, and loved ones and wish him eternal rest. My darling, may peace be with you.

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