Missing: Lucian Mungia found dead Yakima river, What happened to the 5 year old Yakima boy

The corpse of missing Yakima boy Lucian Munguia was discovered on Thursday, according to a press release from the Yakima Police Department. He was five years old and had gone since September 10. Since then, there have been numerous social media enquiries about the Missing Yakima Boy. Continue reading this article to learn more about the Missing Yakima Boy.

What happened to Lucian Munguia?

The body of Lucian Munguia, the young man who vanished in September from a park in Yakima, has been found.

On September 10, Lucian disappeared from Yakima’s Sarg Hubbard Park. The last time anyone saw him, he left the parking lot and headed toward the Yakima River. It was when he was four years old.

The boy’s parents looked everywhere in the park and the neighbourhood for him but were unsuccessful. On his fifth birthday, they were absent.

Amy Bailey, Lucian’s aunt, wrote on Facebook about this situation on Friday:

“We’re sorry to inform you, but Lucian has been located, and the news is devastating. We will never be the same because our hearts were shattered forever. The family won’t be available; therefore, we won’t respond to inquiries.

“We sincerely appreciate your love and support for Lucian and us. We will always be appreciative of your assistance. Now, kindly don’t ask questions or get in touch with the family. Please respect the family’s request for privacy, as they need to digest this. I sincerely appreciate you all.

Lucian’s mother, Sandra Munguia, stated earlier this month that “there is no footage of anything; there is nothing.”

No item of clothes, no shoes, no socks, no… Exactly nothing. Simply put, it’s pretty tricky.

Missing: Lucian Mungia found dead
Image Source: Yakima Herald

Lucian found dead:

The Yakima police conducted a thorough investigation to locate the boy. At Burke Road and the Yakima Valley Highway, about 5 miles south of Union Gap, Yakima County sheriff’s officers received reports on December 29 of human remains in the Yakima River.

Together with Yakima County Coroner Curtice, Yakima County Sheriff’s Office, and Yakima Police investigators, the skeleton remains were found, and the scene was photographed.

An autopsy was completed on Friday, and the Yakima County Coroner’s Office was able to identify Lucian’s remains by comparing dental records, according to a news release.

To validate the identification, DNA testing will be done. When the findings of the DNA tests are available, the Yakima Police Department will give more information.

No evidence of criminal activity, according to the police. Investigation work is still being done.

According to a statement from the Yakima Police Department, “Based on the results of the autopsy, there is no indication of illegal conduct that resulted in Lucian’s death.”

“The Yakima Police Department and Yakima County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank all the neighbourhood residents, volunteers, and business associations who aided in the search for Lucian. The statement continued that our hearts and thoughts are with Lucian’s family and friends.

Missing Yakima Boy

The 5-year-old Lucian Munguia, who has been missing since September 10, 2022, was identified as the body discovered in the Yakima River, the Yakima Police Department announced in a news release. Sarg Hubbard Park was the location of Lucian’s final sighting on September 10. The child was last spotted going southeast from the park’s parking lot after leaving his parents’ side, according to the Washington State Patrol (WSP).

Lucian Munguia Update

On December 30, police discovered the skeleton still in the Yakima River. Before conducting an autopsy, they took images of the scene. According to the police, comparing dental records allowed the coroner’s office and detectives to determine that the bones belonged to Lucian. There is no proof, according to the police, that Lucian’s death was brought on by criminal conduct. The Yakima Police Department promises to provide further details once the DNA testing results are released.

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