Is Mick dead? huge questions after the Christmas Day episode

Have you gotten your jaws off the floor yet? EastEnders has just provided a genuine cliffhanger for Mick Carter’s much-anticipated leaving, a festive homecoming, a reunion, some unexpected disclosures, and so many secrets revealed that we’d lost count.

We knew we’d be saying farewell to pub landlord Mick in this year’s holiday episodes, but as usual, we’ve been left with more questions than answers.

Is Mick dead?

The most pressing concern on everyone’s mind right now: is Mick dead?

Fans knew that Danny Dyer was leaving the character of Mick after nine years, but specifics of his departure were kept under wraps until the show aired.

Nonetheless, multiple teases for the Christmas episodes hinted he was in for a gruesome end. And, indeed, Mick found himself in a life-or-death scenario tonight when Janine’s car crashed into the water – with Linda in tow.

Mick and Linda had peacefully rejoined in the hours before leaping in the car together to pursue Janine, who was determined to avoid retribution for all her evil crimes.

Mick overcame his dread of swimming to pull a pregnant Janine to safety on the coast, saving their lives. Mick then returned to the water to protect Linda, unknowing that she had removed herself from the submerged automobile and was alright.

Mick was tragically absent from the show’s final scenes, but is this truly the end for him? Or may we expect a Harold Bishop-style Harold Bishop twist in a few years?

Showrunner Chris Clenshaw refused to comment, saying: “You’ll have to wait and see what happens. It’s EastEnders, so everything is possible.”

Will Janine get her comeuppance?

Mick’s ultimate request was for Janine to pay for all she’d done, but will that happen now that he’s gone?

It looks so. As we already know, Charlie Brooks is leaving the program, with her farewell episode scheduled to broadcast on Boxing Day.

“All I can tell is that those episodes will be excellent,” Charlie previously stated. “There’s a lot to be excited about.”

What now for Scarlett?

Scarlett has always been one of Janine’s most vulnerable victims, and this was never more clear than tonight.

Scarlett has been struggling with a guilty conscience since learning that Janine was to blame for the near-fatal vehicle accident that Linda believes she caused.

After realizing the significance of telling the truth, the kid revealed her mother’s most frightening secret – but was then forced to stand by and watch as Janine claimed Scarlett was mentally sick.

Worse, Janine opted to forsake Scarlett entirely during her extraordinary escape from the cops. But, with Janine’s departure looming, what does Scarlett’s future hold?

That remains to be known, but Scarlett will face further heartbreak next week as she suffers the brunt of someone’s rage.

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