Italian couple murder: Who is Andrea Cardinale? Detective Chief Inspector Peter Carr: Statement?

A 21-year-old male was allegedly arrested due to the deaths of an Italian couple, Antonino Calabro and Francesca Di Dio. Learn more about the Italian couple’s slaying, Andrea Cardinale, and the reasons behind the murders of Antonino Calabro and Francesca Di Dio.

Who is Andrea Cardinale?

The murders of Francesca Di Dio and Nino Calabar, which happened on Wednesday in Thornaby, Yorkshire County, England, were committed by Andrea Cardinale, a 21-year-old Palermitan woman. He was Nino’s friend and fellow croupier. In addition to being Calabr’s coworker, the alleged murderer was also his roommate.

Investigations revealed that he would have hammered them with a hammer for unknown reasons. A 21-year-old guy has been accused of being involved in the alleged killing of a couple in Thornaby. Cleveland Police have confirmed that a man and a woman’s bodies were discovered at an apartment on Thornaby Road on Wednesday at around 2.10 p.m. A murder investigation has been opened.


Francesca Di Dio, 20, and Antonino Calabro, also known as Nino, 26, have now been positively recognised as being from Italy.

Andrea Cardinale, a resident of Thornaby Road, was reportedly charged with two counts of homicide. He will show up in Teesside Magistrates’ Court on December 26.

Since then, police have made Nino and Francesca’s images public, and both of their families receive assistance from officers with specific training. A cordon is still in place around the purported scene of the event, and it’s expected that it will remain there for a few days.

Flowers were left in front of the apartments that once housed the Royal George tavern and served as the location of the alleged tragedy after the deaths by sympathisers. The incident shook the neighbourhood, which is usually quiet.

On Wednesday afternoon, a police cordon had been erected to prevent access to the area, and crime scene investigators were working inside the building while carrying evidence bags.

Italian couple murder
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The discovery of the corpses

The 21-year-old male has already been apprehended by the English police, working in complete secrecy to piece together the circumstances and motivation behind an incomprehensible double homicide. But the young man will have mental issues, it was discovered.

The accused killer’s father only found out about the double murder. Like everyone else, he had travelled to see his kid while in Britain. He attempted to phone him for one day, but when he didn’t hear back, he considered going to the homes of the two boyfriends and finding the dead. Whether or not the individual had a duplicate set of keys, he activated the inquiry process by informing a buddy working as a police officer in Italy.

He called a police friend who works at the Milan police station since he was terrified and had no contacts in the UK. What is known is that the agent quickly contacted the members of the International Police Cooperation Service’s second Interpol division, who then intervened alongside the English colleagues.

Police Investigation

A 21-year-old man who was later arrested for the murders is accused of having mental health issues and of using hammers to kill his roommate and girlfriend, most likely during a fight.

The motive and the dynamics of the facts will, however, be made clear by the investigations. Only theories can be made while waiting for confirmation from the detectives and the suspected murderer’s account.

According to friends in the Messina region, Francesca intended to move to England, and perhaps Nino told his roommate that she had to leave the house. It’s possible that this made him angry.

A policeman continued to watch over the site into the evening as onlookers gathered to find out what had happened. Nino, a table games dealer at a casino in Stockton, was seeing Francesca at the time of the alleged murder, as was previously stated, according to the Mirror. “Can’t quite believe it,” wrote a coworker of Nino. Peace be with you, Nino Calabar. It’s unbelievable that we only spoke on Sunday. You were such a blast to work with, and I’ll miss you a lot.

Another individual added, “Such terrible news to wake up to this morning.” Nino Calabar, thank you for your excellent customer service and wonderful personality. We will never forget you. The casino won’t be the same without you, and many people will miss you. “I’m speechless you and your girlfriend didn’t deserve this fate, I only knew you for 3 months and you were a golden boy who brought joy to the academy every day,” a third coworker posted on Facebook.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Carr: Statement

Francesca is from Montagnareale, a village in Sicily, and Nino is from Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, a town close, according to Italian media. After becoming engaged in 2019, the pair posted on social media how excited they were that Francesca would join them for the holidays.

The two were last seen together on December 7 at Stockton’s Thomas Sheraton pub. According to senior investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Peter Carr, a man and a woman, unfortunately, passed away, and police are still detaining a guy in connection with the incident.

Anyone who may have been driving by the Thornaby Road apartments, formerly known as The Royal George Pub, between 10 and 11 a.m. on Wednesday, December 21, is requested to come forward. Please alert us if you see any suspicious activity or if someone is acting suspiciously while you are out and about.

‘I didn’t realise anything had happened until all the police trucks arrived,’ a neighbour whose home looks over the apartment complex stated. We are unaware of any residents.

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