What happened to Trina Newman? Trina Newman cause of death.

The death of a 61-year-old lady who was killed on Christmas Eve in South Los Angeles after being hit by a car is being mourned by her family, friends, and local officials. The motorist escaped the area. According to witnesses, Trina Newman was reportedly struck by a car as she stepped off the curb to get into her car on Saturday at about 3:30 p.m. Newman was dropping off gifts for neighbourhood kids at a community centre on Broadway near 88th Street.

At the scene, Newman was declared dead. As police erected a crime scene cordon on Broadway, family members attempted to soothe one another. “I was attempting to reach her by squeezing through the yellow tape. The victim’s daughter, Amarrie Nicasio, said KTLA, “I couldn’t believe what I heard over the phone.

Nicasio claims that her mother, a clergyman, fostered several other children. One of Newman’s friends, Pastor Kenneth Pitchford, remarked, “Everyone is heartbroken for this moment.” “Words can’t express what she means to this community,” someone said. The police did not give a vehicle description. Security cameras in the neighbourhood, in the family’s hope, will aid in prosecuting the driver.

“She assisted everyone and made a sincere effort to give back to the neighbourhood. Whoever did this must come out and give themselves in because Nicasio described her as a good person.

What happened to Trina Newman?

On Christmas Eve, a motorist hit and killed a former church minister and foster mother in South Los Angeles before speeding away. The driver left the area around 3:30 p.m., and the Los Angeles Police Department informed City News Service. The incident occurred at the intersection of South Broadway and 88th Street. Residents gathered around the area as news cameras rolled, telling reporters that Trina Newman had been hit.

Trina Newman
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Trina Newman cause of death

Trina Newman, who was reportedly presenting gifts to nearby children at a community centre on Broadway at 88th Street on Saturday at around 3:30 p.m., was allegedly struck by a car as she stepped off the sidewalk to get into her car. Newman was recognised as dead right away.

While trying to console one another, family members set up a crime scene perimeter on Broadway. “I was attempting to reach her by pushing through the caution tape. Daughter of the victim Amarrie Nicasio said KTLA, “I couldn’t believe what I heard over the phone.

Nicasio said her mother was a pastor who fostered several other children. Pastor Kenneth Pitchford, a close friend of Newman’s, claims that everyone is currently brokenhearted. Her significance to this community cannot be adequately expressed in words.

The cops concealed the car’s description. The driver’s family is hoping that neighbourhood security cameras will help in their efforts to prosecute him. She helped everyone and gave back to the community whenever she could. Nicasio added that because she is a decent person, whoever committed this should confess and turn themselves in.

Condolences to Trina Newman 

In the name of Jesus, I implore you, Father God, to act swiftly to provide Trina’s family and friends peace and solace. Amen!

Well, I made it to Christmas Eve. Given the year we’ve had, I didn’t think I would, but due to all of my friends and my wonderful kids, I did. The only thing I did today was preparing for tomorrow and spend time with my dad, sister, and precious grandchildren. Merry Christmas, Mom; this is our day, and a happy holiday to you, Tom.

Her family and friends have my deepest sympathies and prayers. That someone would hit this lovely woman and then drive off is just tragic. I hope they were discovered and dealt with somewhat by the law.

This is genuinely tragic. She may rest peacefully from her earthly labours, and may the spirits of the ancestors welcome her heart with open arms. May the sweet remembrance of her provide solace to her loved ones.

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