Caroline Patten died: Mark Lamb’s son Cooper’s fiancée was killed in a car accident.

Sheriff Mark Lamb stated on Facebook that the fiancée of his son Cooper, Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, died in the hospital. Cooper, his wife Caroline Patten, and their kid died.

Sheriff Lamb announced the news in a Facebook video with the caption:

Thank you so much for your incredible love, support, and prayers! We consider ourselves extremely fortunate as a family!

Please include Caroline’s family in your thoughts. Caroline died yesterday night and is now with Cooper and our precious Elaine in Heaven.

“Last night, Sheriff Lamb lost his son, Cooper Lamb, along with his one-year-old granddaughter in a collision near Gilbert,” the Sheriff’s office said on Facebook on December 18. Cooper and his daughter were also passengers. Cooper’s fiancee, the child’s mother, was also gravely hurt. “She is still in serious condition.”

Sheriff earlier acknowledged that his son and granddaughter perished in an accident, according to the statement.

“The outpouring of love from our family and friends/community has deeply humbled and affected us. We cannot express how grateful we are. Our hearts are crushed, but we find solace in your love, as well as the love of God and Jesus Christ. We continue to pray for Caroline, who is currently in serious condition. We also want to convey our appreciation to the residents and first responders that assisted our son Cooper and granddaughter. “May God bless you all!”

How did Caroline Patten die?

Caroline Patten was driving at Elliot Road and Cole Drive, just west of Recker Road, around 3:45 p.m., when a probable hit-and-run motorist struck her car while making a left turn.

Cooper Lamb, Sheriff Lamb’s son, and his 1-year-old granddaughter died there. Brian Torres, 21, was held at the site of the accident but escaped uninjured. At the time of our last check, investigators were still expecting the results of Torres’ BAC test work.

Caroline’s death was verified by Sheriff Lamb on Facebook, who stated,

Caroline Pattern passed away just one week after the tragedy. “Last night, our lovely Caroline went away,” the Sheriff said. She returned home to spend time with Cooper and Elaine. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.”

Following the news, sympathies and expressions of sorrow have poured in on social media and the family’s online memorial tribute wall for the trio who sadly died in the collision.

“My heart breaks for you, my lovely child. You left this world far too soon, unable to share your life with Cooper and Elaine and raise your baby with them. May you rest in peace, Cooper and Elaine, by your side. “You three are now angels and will spend eternity together,” Marianne Spinnato wrote.

Condolence for Caroline Patten 

“I met this lovely young lady in elementary school. She was the most beautiful, and we used to go to the park and tumble around together.

“My condolences to the Patten and Lamb families,” Courtney Choate said in her tribute. “While I never knew Caroline personally, the love displayed for her mother, Sherri and infant child Elaine is more than words can convey. “May you find peace in the hands of God and know you are loved,” Rodgers wrote.

“We are deeply saddened by the death of this lovely family, daughter, son, and granddaughter. Our hearts go out to you. “May you find peace knowing you will see them again,” Tabatha Hall wrote.

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