Who is Ryan Hunter Bluestone? Police Investigation and Cocaine & Fentanyl discovered.

After receiving a parcel with white powdered materials, a man called the Marco Island police. Sometimes a product is delivered to the incorrect address, but getting drugs personally delivered to the wrong address is less common. A crimson envelope with a Christmas card inside contained cocaine, but the envelope was inside the box. Even worse, neighbours also discovered fentanyl in the parcel.

Following an unintentional delivery of his item to a neighbour with a similar name, Ryan Hunter Bluestone was taken into custody. Chief Tracy Frazzano of the Marco Island Police Department discussed what transpired with WINK News. “Christmas time is here. Individuals receive mail packages from near and far away relatives and friends. The family got an envelope addressed to them, according to Frazzano.

Who is Ryan Hunter Bluestone?

A man was apprehended in Marco Island, Florida, according to the authorities, after a box that was supposed to contain cocaine was instead delivered to a neighbour. A man was arrested after a Christmas letter laced with cocaine and fentanyl was given to the wrong address.

According to a press release from the Marco Island Police Department, Ryan Hunter Bluestone was apprehended after his package was accidentally delivered to a neighbour with a similar name.

Ryan Hunter Bluestone
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Police Investigation

A man called the Marco Island police after receiving a package containing some white powdered items. While it occasionally happens for a package to be delivered to the wrong location, it occurs much less commonly for medications to be hand-delivered to the wrong place.

The parcel included cocaine and a scarlet envelope that contained a Christmas card. When the neighbours found fentanyl in the property, things worsened. Ryan Hunter Bluestone was arrested after an unintended delivery of his package to a neighbour with a similar name. Chief Tracy Frazzano of the Marco Island Police Department spoke about the incident.

Cocaine& Fentanyl discovered

Christmas is approaching. People get mail from family and friends, both nearby and far away. According to Frazzano, a letter addressed to the family was received. The priority mail envelope from the USPS was meant for the Ryan family. Police investigation revealed that the card contained three plastic packets carrying cocaine. Additionally, fentanyl was found in the cargo.

Frazzano said, “They opened it, and they were pretty watchful in that it grabbed their attention when it was a white powdery material, alerted the police department, and we went over there and took control of the item. After then, the Marco Island Police Department took the package.

Frazzano advised reporting any suspicious activity. I agree as you have no idea what was in that packet. We had to test it in the field to be sure it was a narcotic. Therefore, everyone’s safety was ensured, which made the situation favourable overall, Frazzano said. Bluestone was arrested at the Naples Jail Center, but he has since been set free.

According to the family that reported it, they could leave a message for the individual they believed the item was intended for. After letting Bluestone know he could take delivery of his package over the phone.

He went to the police station to do it. WINK News questioned Frazzano about similar incidents she has seen in the past. “Where did anybody go after getting their illegal narcotics from the police? No. Frazzano continued, “This was a first for me after more than 25 years in police enforcement.

Just two milligrammes of fentanyl can be fatal. The letter, according to WINK, was purportedly written to “the Ryan family.” WINK reported that they discovered a red envelope with a Christmas card inside the parcel. According to the neighbour, the card contained drugs.

The neighbours reportedly summoned the police to have a parcel from their land removed after finding a “white powdery substance,” according to MIPD. Never transmit illegal substances to yourself, especially never pick them up from the police, said MIPD. There are no other details available.

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