Jamie Lopez Of Super Sized Salon Cause Of Death

The creator of Babydoll Beauty Couture and the star of “Super Sized Salon,” Jamie Lopez, has died. Lopez was hospitalised in Las Vegas and passed away over the weekend from cardiac issues, according to sources close to her. A BBC representative said in a statement: “It is with regret and grief that we announce the passing of the founder and owner of Babydoll Beauty Couture, the legendary Jamie Lopez. We ask you on behalf of the Babydoll family to give us time to deal with this enormous lost”.

Lopez, who once weighed 846 pounds, created her salon while confined to bed because she was too overweight to go out of bed and face the world. The show tracked her progress, including her 400-pound weight loss and her first time entering the salon. Babydoll Beauty Couture was created to cater to plus-size women…and ‘Super Sized Salon’ – which premiered on WE tv earlier this year – has spotlighted salon staff and clients. We were told that she was about to start filming season 2. Jamie was only 37 years old.

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About Jamie Lopez

This summer saw the premiere of the first season of the WE television series, in which Lopez built and designed a beauty salon specializing in all body types in Las Vegas, Nevada. His 400-pound weight loss and the process of relearning to walk were also discussed on the series. At one point in her life, Lopez revealed in the show’s teaser, she weighed 846 pounds.

Speaking to Yahoo Beauty in 2017, Lopez opened up about her motivation for starting her business. She explained to the publication at the time that she was inspired by the fact that there was no place in Vegas where she could get her nails done or her hair done that would meet her needs as a plus size woman. Plus, she realized that now was the perfect time to make changes for the tall women of the world.

Being too heavy to roll out of bed and explore the world, Lopez, who once weighed 846 pounds, created her own salon while bedridden. Her 400 pound weight loss and her first time at the salon were both featured on the show as she tracked her progress. Babydoll Beauty Couture was created to cater to the bustier of women, and “Super Sized Salon,” which made its debut on WE TV earlier this year, was attended by both salon employees and clients. He was reportedly about to begin filming season 2 at the time.

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