Who are Maropene Ramokgopa Parents? Maropene Ramokgopa won the Election as Deputy Secretary General

Maropene Ramokgopa was born in Limpopo province in 1979. She is a famous South African politician and she is the Second Deputy Secretary-General of the African National Congress and also the special advisor to Cyril Ramaphosa President. In June 2022, she was appointed to coordinate the ANC Women’s League of the interim task team.

Ramokgopa is a former student activist. In 2006, she was appointed the executive mayor of a Northern Cape district municipality and she was only at the age of 26 at that time. She was also on the National Executive Committee of the ANC Youth League. She was appointed to a task team which led the Youth League in 2013.

Ramokgopa also worked and served on the board of the National Youth Development Agency. President Jacob Zuma was appointed and asked to join her as South African Consul-General to Mumbai situated in India in 2016. President appointed her as his chief advisor at the African Union. And after her return to South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa appointed her as his special advisor on international relations. In October 2021, during pro-democracy protests in neighbouring Eswatini, she was one of five special members which are appointed by Ramaphosa to talk and engage with King Mswati.

In 2022, she got elected to the Provincial Executive Committee of the Limpopo branch of the ANC.

Election as Deputy Secretary General:

After the ANC’s 55th National Conference, she becomes as a supporter of Ramaphosa’s campaign for re-election as ANC President from the point of view of all the members. The Ramaphosa Provincial Executive Committee of the Northern Cape ANC made Ramokgopa a candidate for Deputy Secretary-General of the party. At the initial time, she was not included on the list of candidates but when the conference began in December 2022, the party make the decision to create a new Second Deputy Secretary-General position and for which Ramokgopa was nominated from the conference to fill the post.

She won the election for Second Deputy Secretary-General on 19 December 2022 while earning 2,373 votes against Ronalda Nalumango who received 1,948.

Personal Life of Maropene Ramokgopa:

Maropene Ramokgopa
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Maropene Ramokgopa’s parents are not known to anyone. She did not express her personal life to the public and do not share much more about her personal relations. It is also not known whether she is married or not. No news related to her relationship status arise.

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