Who is Azalia Lexi? OTK co-founder Rich Campbell get se*ually accused

Who is Azalia Lexi:

Azalia Lexi is a professional flight attendant. She also performed and worked as a content creator and model. She is also fond of fashion, video gaming and esports. In an interview, she revealed how her flight attendant career was affected by Covid-19 and later how she get motivated as a content writer. She added that she did not have much time to play any kind of game but during the pandemic, she had much time and she also built an entire setup during the time of quarantine.

She also built her own community in which she had more than 5000 followers. She started using the platform for chatting and other broadcasting and there she updates the streaming of call of duty.

She wants to maintain and continue development in the field of the esports industry and she also revealed that she wants to improve women in gaming and gave them a better platform. She hosts a live event every Wednesday of the week and there she plays with Warzone with the other women.

During her sports career, Azalia competed at many international and regional levels and scored 7 national and 3 international solo titles. She is also well known for live skating on Good Morning America. She secured 4th position in participating in the World level Championship and then get retired at the early age of 17.

About the resignation of Rich Campbell:

Rich Campbell
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The SportsGrail

The co-founder of OTK, Rich Campbell resigned from the content-creating network on 16 December when Azalia Lexi accused him of se*ually harassing her when they are dating. Azalia Lexi shared the accused message on Twitter. She disclosed that they started getting physical in 2019 and stated that their friendship moves up and down.

Rich tweeted that “I have read all the statements made on me and OTK asked me to resign from my position and I get agreed”.

Azalia Lexi also told that Rich only use me for se*ual purposes and just only wanted what he want and make me feel upset all the time.

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