How did Leesa Marie Gray die? What happened to Leesa Marie Gray?

Leesa Marie was a typical 16-year-old girl from Mississippi’s Itawamba County. She sang in the school choir and frequently attended church with the youth group. Additionally, she had a strong sense of justice; she repeatedly defended adolescents who were being tormented by their peers. Despite having a pretty routine existence until June 22, 2000, it is difficult not to believe that Leesa’s death has robbed the world of so much potential.

How did Leesa Marie Gray die?

Thomas Edwin Loden abducted Leesa on June 22, 2000, after she had completed her summer employment at a small grocery shop in Itawamba County. He murdered her at an abandoned trailer park outside of Fulton by raping and strangling her. His crime did not go undetected; the police immediately apprehended him thanks to witnesses at the scene who urgently sought to assist Leesa that terrible night. Loden finally pled guilty to murder as well as four counts of sexual violence against Leesa and was sentenced to death by lethal injection on December 14, 2022 – about twenty-two years after committing the horrible deed.

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According to court documents, Loden was subsequently discovered lying by the side of the road with “I’m sorry” etched into his chest and wrists.

Former U.S. Marine Corps recruiter Thomas Edwin Loden Jr. was convicted of the rape and murder of a 16-year-old waitress in 2000. He killed and raped a 16-year-old girl. As she was a waitress, he knew where she would be and likely planned the entire incident in advance.


No one should ever be deprived of their life in this manner, especially not someone as young and promising as Leesa Marie was while she was alive. We must never forget what occurred on June 22, 2000, both so that we may honour those who lost their lives too soon due to senseless violence such as this and so that we can use these tales as reminders of why it is essential for us all to fight against such injustice whenever feasible. Rest in peace, Leesa Marie; those whose lives you touched during your little time on earth will never forget you.

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