Who Was Sasha Ramzan? How Sasha ramzan and Peter charles died?

A young couple who had been living together for two years before they were discovered dead early on Tuesday morning in what appears to have been a murder/suicide.

According to reports, Peter Charles, a 31-year-old barber and legal gun owner, shot his wife, Asasha Ramzan-Charles, twice before killing himself.

On Tuesday morning, the couple’s Nissan Xtrail was found abandoned with the couple inside at Belle West, Canal No. 2, West Bank Demerara.

According to the News Room, the car’s engine was still running, and the doors were locked from the inside.

Peter’s friend Rema Persaud wrote on Facebook: “It’s certainly a sad moment to hear this news about you, dear buddy. We enjoyed a long friendship, so I would never have imagined you were experiencing relationship issues. I’m sorry that it occurred in this improper manner. My sympathy goes out to your family, particularly your mother. I also offer my condolences to your wife’s family. May your souls rest in peace, and God be with your family as they navigate this horrible time. My pal Peter C. Charles (Rat) and Sasha Ramzan are both gone now.

Who Was Sasha Ramzan?

Sasha Ramzan, a well-known lawyer in Guyana who was 30 years old, put a lot of effort into defending the rights of indigenous people. Her peers and coworkers held her in high regard and recalled her as an ardent supporter of social justice and human rights topics. She was unique in her drive and desired to speak up for people with no voice. She was also a committed member of her community, volunteering her time at nearby shelters and instructing women’s rights lectures in local schools.

Sasha ramzan and Peter charles
Image Source: BCNews24

How Sasha ramzan and Peter charles died?

The Guyanese community is shocked and amazed after learning of the tragic killings of attorney Sasha Ramzan, 30, and her lover, Peter Charles, 23, at their respective ages of 30 and 23. At Belle West Canal No. 2 Polder, West Bank Demerara, the two were discovered dead today following what appears to have been a murder-suicide. Ramzan was shot twice, according to the police, but Charles only received one wound, which seemed to be the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. An inquiry is underway to ascertain the precise circumstances surrounding Sasha Ramzan and Peter Charles’ deaths and, perhaps, hold those accountable for such tragedies.

The Impact of Her Death

Just one day before Charles passed away, attorney and Guyana Election Commission member Sase Gunraj had a remarkable interaction with him. Ramzan and Charles had a brief conversation as he was dropping her off at work, and then Charles sped off. Gunraj experienced a great shock when he suddenly passed away, and he wrote about it in a moving piece circulated on social media. He knows that no matter how dire the situation is, using violence or taking one’s own life is never the appropriate course of action. His statements show that he respected Charles’ life and recognised his impact on individuals around him and the world at large. Undoubtedly, it serves as a reminder of the value of savouring each precious minute we spend with one another while it lasts.

Many people are devastated by Ramzan’s passing. She made an impact with her kind nature and solid commitment to justice. In addition to lamenting the loss of such a revered part of their society, many Guyanese people are now wondering why such a tragedy took place in the first place. Police continue their meticulous investigation into this case to learn what transpired on that crucial day at Belle West Canal No. 2 Polder, even though they have not yet made any arrests or provided an official statement on the reason behind these murders.

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