Who Is Mete Kobal? Randy Fenoli’s Fiancé Mete Kobal: Learn More

After one year of dating, Randy Fenoli, a 58-year-old designer, and Mete Kobal engaged. Mete is a Turkish restaurant manager.

After over three decades in the bridal industry, Say Yes To the Dress star Randy Fenoli has already begun arranging his wedding.

After a year of dating, the American TV host and Getting down on one knee, a fashion designer proposed to his spouse. Although the man had always intended to live alone, the presence of a particular fellow released the romance he had been holding back.

Fenoli is currently 58 years old and about to marry the love of his life. Kobal was asked to marry him before receiving the outstanding surprise proposal he had planned.

Following all parties’ responses, Randy discussed ideas for a destination wedding and shared his future intentions. Since so many people are interested in the news and happy for the TV celebrity, this unexpected proposal and occasion have gained significant media attention.

While many people know Fenoli and his romance, fewer are familiar with his partner’s age, occupation, and other personal facts. With all the information at our disposal, we have attempted to provide Kobal’s background information below.

Who Is Mete Kobal? Randy Fenoli Partner

Turkish man Mete Kobal, a partner of Randy Fenoli, has experience in the hotel industry. Age doesn’t matter in love, even though Mete Kobal is younger than Randy.

While the relationship between Mete and Feloni is well documented, the same cannot be said of his private life. Kobal has maintained a low profile online and has never revealed any details about his personal or family life.

Kobal, between the ages of 40 and 45, seems much younger than the American designer, who is 58. According to Yahoo, the two first connected when Kobal managed a tavern and restaurant around a year ago.

Additionally, it states that Randy’s partner is Turkish-born. Mete moved to the United States early and started a career there, even though the facts are hazy.

Mete Kobal
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Randy Fenoli And Mete Kobal Engagement Ring

Mete Kobal and Randy Fenoli are now engaged after the fashion designer surprised them both with a proposal.

To announce their impending nuptials, the couple displayed their engagement rings. The TV personality prepared a lovely gathering with the help of Kobal’s pals, including everything Kobal enjoyed or treasured. Through one of his partner’s closest friends, Fenoli made arrangements for Mete’s family and friends to attend the auspicious event.

Randy invited his lover out to dinner after deciding on the event’s date, time, and theme, and the two arrived at the venue just before the surprise was revealed. Fenoli got down on his knees and proposed as the preparations were being made.

Mete agreed, and the two then swapped rings. Following the engagement, the 58-year-old planner revealed his marriage-related preparations and wished to get hitched quickly.

Mete Kobal Net Worth

Since he manages the Marmara Park Avenue hotel and other eateries, Mete Kobal has a substantial net worth.

While Kobal’s fiancé Randy Feloni has an $8 million fortune.

While Kobal’s net worth and net worth have yet to be officially confirmed, he may be worth around USD 1 million based on his career.

Mete had previously managed a bar and restaurant, which must have brought in a respectable amount of money. While on the other hand.

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