Dennis Castro Dies: How did Dennis Castro die?

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How did Dennis Castro die?

The Boynton Beach Police Department reports that Officer Dennis Castro passed away on December 10, 2022. On Saturday morning, Castro was engaged in a single-vehicle collision while off-duty. Due to the severe injuries he received in the incident, he passed away.

City Manager Dan Dugger remarked, “It was an honour to have worked alongside Officer Castro for several years as a former Boynton Beach Police Department Officer and Detective.

Many admired and respected him, and his passing will sadden the entire Boynton Beach community. To his cherished family, we extend our sincere condolences and prayers.

Dennis Castro
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Dennis Castro cause of death:

Accidental death was the cause of Dennis Castro. He died due to the catastrophic injuries he received in the collision. Following the announcement of officer Dennis Castro’s passing, tributes poured into social media.

“This is my worst day as police chief,” stated Chief Joe DeGiulio. Officer Castro served the Boynton Beach Police Department, the community we do, and himself with distinction. Officer Castro was a friend and a hero to everyone, and the entire Boynton Beach Police Department is proud to have worked with him.

Who was Dennis Castro?

Officer Dennis Castro served in the US Marine Corps for 14 years before joining the Boynton Beach Police Department. He worked as a SWAT Team member, DUI Task Force member, and traffic homicide investigator.

Throughout his employment with the Boynton Beach Police Department, Officer Castro garnered numerous Officer of the Month honours. Castro was a respected colleague widely recognised for his unrelenting dedication to his field and the city.

He received numerous honours for his commitment to the Boynton Beach neighbourhood, including Officer of the Year in 2021 from the Palm Beach County Commission’s Victim Services and Certified Rape Crisis Center.

Officer Castro left a wife and two kids behind. The department did not provide any other details. Castro’s family, friends, and the whole BBPD neighbourhood offered condolences to the officer.

Tributes to Officer Castro:

Officer Dennis Castro, a former marine and 14-year member of the Boynton Beach Police Department, was murdered yesterday night in an off-duty accident, I’ve just learned. The officer of the year for 2021 was Officer Castro, who worked in the Traffic Division.

Although I didn’t know Officer Castro well, he started just a few years before I retired, and everything I heard about him was positive. I want to express my profound condolences to the friends and family of Officer Castro and the Boynton Beach Police Department.

Today is a terrible, unfortunate day. I knew him from the old auto meets, and he was a wonderful friend. Just two days ago, he was in my office, and we discussed our weekend plans and the Christmas Parade detail we both worked in. Dennis, rest in peace.

The horrific event that claimed one of our brothers’ life today makes me incredibly sad. The harm done to our loved ones, friends, and the broader Boynton Beach neighbourhood is tremendous. The Castro family is in our hearts and our prayers. All our fun times and laughs will always be cherished in my memory. Dennis, please rest.

I’m sharing the terrible news of Officer Dennis Castro’s demise with you today, as he was a beloved member of the Boynton Beach Police Department. This morning while off duty, Officer Castro passed away. He served our community for 14 years as a Distinguished Police Officer, a member of our SWAT team, and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. Many people in the neighbourhood were familiar with him and recognised his persistent dedication to the city and his job. My sincere condolences are sent to his family, friends, and the entire BBPD neighbourhood.

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