7-year-old boy, Danny Norris, dies fighting cancer

The seven-year-old Danny Norris, who won people’s hearts throughout south Tipperary, west Waterford, and the nation, has gone away.

He passed away peacefully on Friday morning, surrounded by his loved ones, at his Glasha, Ballymacarbry, and Clonmel-area home. His loss has devastated the Ballymacarbry and Newcastle communities, and condolences and prayers have been offered to his parents, Lisa and Lar, and his two brothers, Charlie and Shay.

Danny returned to his flat on Friday to get palliative care after his parents won a battle with the HSE to have him receive treatment at home.

Early in November, Danny’s family refused such home care and hoped he would spend his dying days surrounded by his cherished family.

Lisa and Lar approached the issue of reinstating the 2017-discontinued pediatric palliative care program for families in need before Lar’s passing. The Norris family emphasized that they did not wish for any other family to experience the agony of battling for such treatment.

We express our sincere sympathies to Danny’s mother, Lisa, and father, Lar, as well as to his brothers, Charlie and Shay, and extended family and friends. Danny was a student in Rang 1 who would be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. Danny was a young man who liked education and connecting with others.

Danny Norris was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.

Danny Norris is six years old and enthusiastic, energetic, and full of mischief. In July 2020, he diagnosed with Stage 4 High-Risk Neuroblastoma.

Neuroblastoma is a sympathetic nervous system malignancy, with most tumours occurring in the adrenal glands or belly. Each year, seven and ten children in Ireland are diagnosed with this uncommon and severe type of childhood cancer.

When initially diagnosed, High-Risk Neuroblastoma has a recurrence rate of 60%. Recurrence of the illness makes successful therapy substantially more challenging. Unfortunately, less than 10% of children who relapse have a chance of survival, which is a dismal statistic.

What is Neuroblastoma?

Neuroblastoma is a tumor that develops from the body’s immature nerve cells. Neuroblastoma often develops in and around the adrenal glands, which derive from nerve cells on top of the kidneys.

Neuroblastoma, on the other hand, can develop in many locations of the abdomen, as well as the chest, neck, and spine, where nerve cell clusters dwell.

Danny’s Painful journey

Danny has endured 12 rounds of chemotherapy, a nephrectomy (kidney removal), high-dose chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, seven nights in ICU due to complications from high-dose chemo, There were 23 rounds of radiation, as well as several bone marrow aspirates, blood transfusions, and other medical operations, scans, feeding tubes, and so on (all during a global pandemic).

Danny has gotten the most outstanding medical treatment and therapy available in Ireland, and he has battled heroically at every turn. His oncologist and the entire team at St. John’s Ward Crumlin, in addition to the Paediatric Ward at Tipperary University Hospital, have provided him with exceptional care. Danny and our family will be eternally thankful for their aid, support, and compassion.

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