How did Timmy Pike die? Timmy Pike Cause Of Death

Timmy Pike and his wife Ann, and their two children, Jessica and Bethany, resided in Trenton, North Carolina, United States. Pike served as the county’s Fire Marshal and head of Jones County Emergency Services for over two decades. His LinkedIn page indicates that he has been working there since August 2003, for 19 years and five months.

As the director of EMS for Jones County Services, Timmy Pike acted as a liaison between the counties, volunteers, and private EMS services. The North Carolina Global TransPark is situated between New Bern and Kinston, 22 miles from Trenton, the county seat of Jones County.

How Did Timmy Pike Die

Timmy Pike, an essential member of the Jones County Emergency Services and Director of the EMS, unfortunately, passed away on December 9, 2022. He was flanked by his wife, Ann, and his two children, Jessica and Bethany when he died away.

The precise reason for his untimely death is now unknown. Meanwhile, the higher authorities are still perplexed about why he died so quickly and what happened to him; they are presently investigating.

The Jones County Emergency Service Facebook page contains the following caption:

“Director of Emergency Services, Timmy Pike, unexpectedly passed away today. We are all shocked by the loss of a fantastic man for Jones County. His wife, Ann, and daughters, Jessica and Bethany, are in our thoughts and prayers. Additionally, the entire county, as well as our office. Please offer prayers and encouraging thoughts for comfort and peace.”

Jones County Emergency Services

We regret to notify you of the sad and unexpected news that Timmy Pike has recently passed away. He was the director of Jones County Emergency Providers. He is no longer among his loved ones, and he breathed his last on Friday. His loved ones are devastated by his untimely passing. As soon as the news of his passing travels through the Internet, several individuals express condolences to his family via the Internet. Here, we have further information on the material we will share with you in this post, so let’s go.

Timmy Pike served as the county’s fire marshal and director of emergency medical services for over 20 years. According to his LinkedIn page, he began working there in August 2003, 19 years and five months ago. Timmy Pike, the director of Jones County EMS, served as a liaison between the county, volunteer and private EMS providers in Jones County. Trenton is conveniently situated between New Bern, Kinston, and Jacksonville and is 22 miles from the North Carolina International TransPark. 

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